Sunday, December 31, 2017


You cannot cherish what does not have true intent toward you, but the SPIRIT led me through the same wild hearted passion with one that YOU brought to me something real. While without true intention of heart you have nothing.

But if you love shame and blame it will be yours forever. You thought you had hidden your own sins and feel free to throw stones at whom you have judged, but the SPIRIT knows how to break your heart.

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The SPIRIT spoke "All who seek will find."


Victory is Contagious! Huge Saving (s)

When my wave passes over you, you will be swept into wonder!

The Wild Ride has just begun

The SPIRIT is for sinners as the purpose of life is not to APPEAR righteous, and the self right who have not sought to know why they feel the way they do will take their own shame they used against the son of man for eternity.

There is a gift from SPIRIT given even to those who denied me. Hear the SPIRIT and let go of your veil of interpretation about the man. Then you will hear the SPIRIT through all things.


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