Monday, December 04, 2017

Muddy Pond

Having a synch with the plan changing like with the Giraffe as we had gone to find fuel for the wood stove and ended up going to a place called Muddy Pond. There I noticed a 4 ft tall giraffe. We had a blast with the Mennonites there and the bakery. But the outcome exceeds the plan as in the Giraffe story.

Pam was so happy to be JOLTED into JOY by LOOSING ourselves in the MOMENT
We decided to go to the Sacramento Zoo, but knew that we were just heading that direction. On the way we had a synch about seeing the Giraffes and sure enough as we drove by to park the Giraffes were all at the fence looking at us. But when we got to the gate they said they were going to have a Halloween party and they would close early, this would give us only about an hour. We both realized we didn't want to go in but that we wanted to go find the Spirit in the area. We took off and sure enough began to have wonderful experiences along the way. Walking the parks "looking for YOU/my life" we took pictures of the trees and then found this tiny meditation park with a fountain at the Pumping Station. We found it to be the perfect sanctuary to feel and dream what we needed to.Pam and the First Leaf to evolve (leaf and healing) Pam's single leaf video

Wonderful experiences of late on the farm and with the people we are meeting. Finding how to get in sanctuary here and Pam and I are loving it.

Best of luck to everyone on the forums and I know you don't know what you are doing as I don't either but the SPIRIT is able where with humans it is impossible. 

 Now it is at an impasse like North Korea and the West and only a miracle can save them both from each other's fears. Marriage overlooks what happens when a man having to stay there tries to comfort an angry woman, he becomes the problem.
When I put out "help", YOU said "ALWAYS" and "EVERY DAY" and yes, YOU ARE ABLE.


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