Thursday, July 26, 2018

Let Go of Attention to the Lawless President

You cannot beat the lawless president with the law, but that does not mean to be lawless either. The SPIRIT knows the smallest of points overlooked that will change this situation because what is happening was created/allowed because the smallest of points overlooked by these manipulators is known. It is for this reason that the "Wild Ride" has been predicted and this time of passion where YOU and I collide, Dem and GOP, Women and Men, East and West will Collide as predicted in order to reach all to the heart. (See Coming Fire So Hot) There is nothing happening that was not intended to reach You! The Coming Orange Event. Leaders were predicted to lead astray at this moment.

Let me add the Sacred Teachings of the Original Startrek as Caroline Casey spoke of tonight that when Captain Kirk confronted the big monster (Trump) he shifted the energy by saying,  "Oh ain't you Gloomy"

Laugh, blow your trumpet, and get ready for the walls to fall down for to fight them is exactly what they planned for you to do so that it can be used against you. Do the smallest of points overlooked, ask the SPIRIT what that is.(Because when I speak what the SPIRIT speaks,,, YOU, MY LIFE make me right!)

The End of Presumption

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassa ...

So many of the sites were shut down after the predictions of Katrina and Irene and even now more are being covered but I have backups and will be posting the synchs from over the years on my website

(Because if I say it the SPIRIT makes me right!)

When my wave passes over you, you will be swept into wonder!


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