Friday, July 06, 2018

The Orange Event and Putin/Trump Meeting

Wow! Russia is beating out Americans on my website this morning

United States

What you are being shown on fox or the other networks is not what is really going on. Each gets their feed from whom/$what$ they love more than the truth.
Post from July 2007
Make America Safe  http://stephentree.com/orange/
At last the world is safe!!!
Was this a prediction like all the others that came true about the coming orange event?\
I was drawn to this after writing this mornings blog so I edited it to insert here.
Post from 2016

I predict the whole world will follow after the beast in that everyone especially enemies will now begin to use the law in a manner it was not intended as they are being taught by this world leader. Lies and Manipulation will begin to happen from those having the law in a manner it was not intended used against them.

News organizations and democrats: When the world finds out you are withholding this information you will be revealed to be the puppet of SIDE you SIDE with. As You have gotten this feeds for years

DNATREE: News is only what they want you to see

Leaders think they know everything but they have overlooked the smallest of points in this equation.

The SPIRIT know the smallest of points overlooked that will change this situation as the stone will not be removed until they are at least made aware of the synchs regarding the last 20 yrs.
I am the squeaky door http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2012/07/tumey-hills-cross-teacher-squeaky-door.html

Quote from 8/11 http://www.stephentree.com/prophvat/two.htm
Also the synchs with the hard taskmaster unto those that believe in punishment such as those that followed the interpretation without the Spirit. If they had gone to the Spirit they would have seen it was not so. But to My Own those seeking with "true intention of heart" they will see the power of the Spirit to deliver them from the interpretation.

Not to take ANYTHING away from the mother that teaches a child not to burn it's hand but once the Spirit/perfect comes the partial is done away with as the mind has developed to understand the deeper realities of love and creative energies. The partial is necessary in the sanctuary of childhood but the mind must be cleansed from all law, sin, shame and blame in order to not effect what is coming from the soul. The true reality of our beginnings and what reality is is upon us and it had to be in this time where the whole world would see it. Therefore HE laid his life down.
Now because of the stone placed in the path in order to go on humans must be a new creature as it is their turn to lay their lives down for a new life as there is no greater love than that you do this.

OK here is a synch with 8-jul

quote from that post
Better than a bullet! Perfect Love!Don't act on anger, but rather give the pain to the SPIRIT Believing.


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