Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tumey Hills, the Cross, the teacher, the squeaky door

This is the video of my thoughts at Tumey Hills

A couple of weeks ago Pam and I took a shortcut from Salinas to Fresno just for the fun of it. As we came up to the Foster’s Ice cream which was like an Oasis after the dessert. Just about a mile down the dirt road is the Tumey Hills Rec area and we decided on our way back from Bakersfield to hang there for a while. I used it to get a tan as the temp was in the upper 90’s. And to record thoughts about the evolution of the synchs. Cross/teacher/squeaky door
The squeaky door leading to the shooting area.

The soft white material that comes down the hill

From up on top of the hill

Going up the hill

Interstate 5 from the top

found this interesting crystal

A lot of a particular crystal could be found at this location.

The aloneness was perfect and I did some vids that I will enclude in this post as I upload them.


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