Sunday, August 26, 2018

Anger over the Accuser that rejected the SPIRIT

Without SPIRIT women are doing exactly what they are meant to do even if they are lying because blessed is she who nails me to this tree. The snakes are hiding and encouraging women but soon they too will have nowhere left to hide. You are meant to break each other's hearts (without SPIRIT)

Why is the accuser condemning themselves. Take the poetry of Jesus in that they did not recognize him at his appearance. So it is that they are veiled to the way of SPIRIT and would reject the SPIRIT at his coming. In the same manner a woman dreams of her lover but when the SPIRIT comes in the one she has dreamed of she does not recognize him in fact she rejects him with such passion that he has broken her law and her interpretation and is made to blame for her own misunderstanding. That is why it is said the the least of them is greater than one that is "learned in interpretation" as humans do when the way of the SPIRIT is to "know YOU/MY LIFE" and YOU lead into all truth. It was before known that they would reject him as the "wide way" is that of human understanding and interpretation and therefore rejects the bridegroom even to the point of punishment as Jesus depicted on the cross for "HER" sins. I guarantee, you have mis-construed my intent and it is you who needs forgiveness, but who will there be to forgive whom would not forgive because of her own hidden intentions? The reality of the cross of Jesus is exactly what you reject and it was meant to be that way as long as you never gave your life to knowing the SPIRIT.

Therefore, I have sought to reach you with "Get ready for the Wild Ride", but you rejected me didn't you. As it was said "You reject one of these, you have rejected me". Now are you going to the interpretation or the SPIRIT to ask with all your might what is truth?

Shame has no place in human life, but religion demanded it forgetting what we experienced in the account of the poetry of the garden. And women in this country are taught shame as a tool power tool by their constituents as they grow into adulthood.  It was not men but women that were mostly shamed when humans "chose to live without SPIRIT and follow an intepretation in the beginning" and it was this understanding which led to mis-understanding and is leading to desolation. It is not countries colliding such as today in the synch with YOU and I collide and the Navy in the Strait of Hormuz that is growing, but it actually starts within between the person and SPIRIT which is rejected by most all. Without that first level of love between the individual and SPIRIT the misunderstanding continues like dominoes falling to Men and Women, then such as Democrat and Republican, then Islam and Christian and then the world. Make no mistake about it, humans are meant to be led by SPIRIT and instinct that is why rejection of SPIRIT leads to death! And shame because of love and passion is a ruse. She never knew me is what Jesus was actually saying. But even worse is the man (snake) that uses interpretation without SPIRIT to please a woman and shames himself.

The fact that Rumi had no shame in speaking of God as the lover and the very experience of the moon undressing as the passion of what is God was rejected therefore they were given the lie they demanded which is shame. And what makes shame if making a law out of what offends you because of this mis-construed idea of what is evil when what is really evil is those using shame because someone did not worship THEIR INTERPRETATION of reality. Making what is gentle and love into a crime when it was them hating all along in their misconception they were taught. Without love you are nothing and your intepretation of what is love is actually a RUSE. It is not a crime if you were both happy when you connected but latter on you turn it into a problem. If a person connects but it is not as you dreamed it and you reject them that is probably still love that was misunderstood. Don't make what others do a crime if their intention was love and your rejection of them not a crime if your intention was not love.

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August 27th 2005 synch YOU and I Collide
August 27-Sept 19 has always been the synch with YOU and I collide related to my father's death date as predicted at Death Valley California about Hurricane Irene and the synch was rejected and we did not reach America therefore, you have created much more by not responding to SPIRIT, this is how separation/sin leads to death.
What is happening now in the Strait of Hormuz was predicted

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It was the despiteful manipulation for money in 1993 that led me to not speak to humans for many years and began to see only YOU and I as in this old post and even to predict the same for my family and for America and then the world as is happening right now. During that time I began a romance with SPIRIT that was born out of what love was not and replaced my fixation with passion and love with SPIRIT and it was then that I found that this is what was the "true intention of heart" of such as Rumi and even John the Baptist, and the real humiliation that Jesus ELUDED TO.

I found the reason I could find relationship was life was meant to be a problem with a lover, a quandary that makes you ask all the right questions and then peace can come with a lover when you learn to see ONLY YOU and I/MY LIFE and then YOU come to me in everyone I meet.

YOU come to me in many forms
and it is like poetry, like synchronicity
and when he and she meet they KNOW it is right
They dance like waves on an ocean of spiritual romance

Forget women until you find the true lover which is GOD then you will be able to lead a woman to a life as was intended. But if you allow a woman to lead her intention (without SPIRIT) is to lead a man to humiliation. Look at the world and you will see this is true.

As Rumi spoke in poetry the experience with SPIRIT is not words for as when someone asks what is the smell of Musk he would say to not answer with words but rather as the SPIRIT speaks which is to untie your hair and shake it in their face.

When you learn to recognize the SPIRIT even to the fragrance this is how life speaks in synchronicity which is the things of GOD which those that hate SPIRIT find foolish, but in the end they are found to be foolish.

Humans misunderstand the lover believing you are to worship them, but it is really the SPIRIT in all that you are seeing. If women (and men) saw this they would understand and not be so narcissistic which never satisfies. I intend to anger the presumptuous woman and to be hated above all men so that such will stay away from me and only those with true intention of heart are then drawn near.


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