Friday, September 07, 2018

People and the coming crime of following a leader

People and the coming crime of following a leader.

One recurring pattern is seeing the people with a different light than the leaders. Like the Iranian people vs their leaders. NY times has Our man in Tehran and it gives you a picture of people that remind me of my own Iranian friends in California and people in general being very much alike. I just love that guy and his beautiful Iranian wife. Tennessee, and especially my neighbors reveal that republicans can be very nice and neighborly and if we concentrate on people and not the party you can heal differences.  The problem is a party "feed"  and being taught hate, shame and blame. So I am seeing this as something my life wants me to point out. It is the leaders that lead astray and the political feeds where we have the "false spirit" of the Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, Infowars, and of course Trump himself and we cannot leave out the preachers and lawyers. Then there is the left with their feed though it is seeking to know SPIRIT but the right putting out the interpretation of the snake and not pointing to the SPIRIT as spoke through the prophets but rather lifting up their own mental ability to read a book and interpret without the SPIRIT. So I see the people will evolve with an understanding in the coming years of being horrified by the feeds and the leaders which only lead astray and creating society that fosters ones own experience with SPIRIT such as the "strangers" on the coast of Cali seeking with true intent to know life through SPIRIT. With True intention of heart through synchronicity the world will see how the two such as the hand and the glove are brought together and how this synergy works much better than following a leader. Where instead of a law we KNOW SPIRIT and know that what we sow we also reap and then it happens much faster both reaping good and those that have bad intention are revealed by the shear intention of everyone asking SPIRIT to fulfill our mutual love and intention.


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