Sunday, September 02, 2018

Sweetness of my life and what creates the garden

ALLOW your heart to be broken for I have wanted to reach you your whole life
Allow my wave to pass over you, that you may be swept into wonder

The focus of my thoughts this morning was further stimulated by my attraction to Twiggy on CBS Sunday Morning and the sweetness of my life with Pam. Oh, and the meaning of the SPIRIT through the words of Jesus such as "love your enemies" especially those that have made themselves your enemies when you wanted to reach them with something wonderful.  I  understand that many cannot fathom the idea of the SPIRIT but can see the word/law given by Jesus as "a development" toward KNOWING YOU the SPIRIT. I agree with everyone trying in their own power to keep that law with all "true intention of heart" while they grow in the SPIRIT and become more allowing of the SPIRIT to keep the true intention of it through them. (Children need such direction) Without this you will have people without true intention of heart using the law in a manner it was not intended (as this president TEACHES) and also the Evangelists use the words of Jesus to influence without the SPIRIT bending them to prove their $intent$. This was expected and even intended as Jesus said I did not come to bring peace thought the words were about peace, but the sword. He intended this time to come and the true SPIRIT that spoke through him was that you will be reached to the heart and in doing so the wailing of broken hearts would reach to the SPIRIT (past the veil over their hearts) and we all would see as fascism arises in the absence of SPIRIT then the SPIRIT will come to the surface. This is what I found in my loneliness, in my be-wilderness through my broken heart YOU/SPIRIT came. Though I had sought YOUR face my whole life, it took a spear to my side in order to open me up enough that your water and blood might flow from me. You may not like a coyote's unsophisticated palate, but it is not your job to change it or you will find out the smallest of points you have overlooked.

Now to what this morning was about. Twiggy and all the things that I love about women came to light this morning though it was mulling in my mind of late. No not what you think because men like Amy Schumer for the same reasons. Because what we love is what we should put out as this was my original message that was rejected. And when we put out what we don't love about "them" or those that seem to be against us, if it is not of SPIRIT it will not lead to a better life but only separation and pain. Like, what is happening between men and women. Do you know why the SPIRIT leads you to being like lambs to the slaughter, because of attention/worship of the SPIRIT that spoke through those who went before us and learning what that moment is there to teach you. If women really are responsible for what they receive because of what is hidden in the heart then this will not improve their lives overall but rather lead to less attention and more negative experiences because they are seen differently. They thought that their physical beauty was what was attractive but really this underlying intention behind appearances is much more visible and powerful and will lead to much less attention and dislike than they thought they deserved. If the real energy that creates a "wonderful" waterfall garden is in the hearts of those you offend by blaming them then what happens to the garden? That is the secret to creating the garden, mutual desire for peace, love, and Joy. Over eons, it created the sanctuaries we spend with YOU. That is the problem with seeking money, and the hearts of creatures that create the garden.  This brings me back to the words of Jesus, because I "KNOW" the reason he came to speak the words of SPIRIT in this way, (you would have rejected him too if he told you the words of SPIRIT as he experienced it.) for he said you must loose your way in order to find it (can you drink the cup he drank) and that is what is happening to the world. But those that inherit it will be those that remain. Who wants to defend and give their lives for their enemy, this is what shortsighted self rightness overlooks and what so many that seem to want "justice" have misunderstood in taking the shortcut to getting what they believe they deserve without the SPIRIT.  Rather women might want to see how men cannot offend a woman that they are attracted to, and it would be wisdom to see his passion as a good thing that causes him to forgive 70X7 times before he would look at her differently and ACCUSE HER. For to "intentionally misunderstand" to make it appear so that you get a short termed benefit will reveal itself to be ignorance. By waiting on the SPIRIT instead of pushing for others to worship our interpretation will lead us to the greatest gain,(rather point to the SPIRIT as Jesus's true intent was) for all would not agree as to what that is for each person or being, but the SPIRIT knows how to FULFILL ALL.  The law is powerless to do this.

The shortsighted perception of "I don't like this therefore everyone must" do it this way is not the way of SPIRIT. It is the weakness of the law.

Instead of judging or fearing the benevolence of God rather let go of judgement (of God and men) and allow the storm to pass over you and then see what ACTUALLY occurs rather than your interpretations/fears and you will see that you misunderstood and come to know YOU/SPIRIT more in the meantime. By only seeing your fears you help create the problem by REACTING instead of trusting and that is what judging others (without SPIRIT) does, it causes us to make our own hell through reaction rather than trusting. This is one of the first lessons of seeking to know SPIRIT.


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