Saturday, October 06, 2018

Starting New and Letting go of predictions that Humans are drawing

Starting New and Letting go of predictions that Humans are drawing we remember the original message that was rejected of no shame or blame and letting go of everything except for what the SPIRIT is saying in "this moment" remembering what we learned from the edge when I seek YOU/SPIRIT with all my being and to offer something real as to how you are towards me, therefore the past is put behind for all who start new and accept what the SPIRIT says instead of our interpretations. Love for my life with Pam is what brought me to build this cabin for her, because she knows the true intentions of the heart and believes what the SPIRIT told her/us. /Fresh and New resembles healing. I have to leave what did not reach you and leave the struggle completely as I did when I was alone, but now I am alone with Pam and we seek freshness with SPIRIT each day. It is what we offered in the beginning but was rejected, so now we once again leave the struggle and go to everything SPIRIT has for us for redemption and for those that were reached who are seeking SPIRIT themselves past the veil of interpretation. So we return to just loving YOU and each other at the altar because there really only exists YOU and I on this planet and the two are one when the veil of this flesh is lifted.

Now I intend to dream redemption and love and only this. This is not over there or somewhere else as SPIRIT has indicated that "YOU ARE HERE" in each place that one gets lost to.


DNATREE: You've Only Just Begun and You are HERE

This is about manna and how something fresh and new takes you away from what is killing you.


Last night I prayed for her, she is my own, my life and she embodies all that is of SPIRIT in my life that I seek to retain. She is not the being that denies the SPIRIT and listens to a snake to undermine men, that only leads to desolation.

She is my life
She is my wife
She came out from me in the beginning
We were one in the beginning
She is my dream and I am the dreamer
Now She comes to me in many forms 
and it is like poetry, like synchronicity
and when He and She meet, they know it is right!

In my loneliness, In my bewilderness, through my broken heart She came

Like a dream, YOU came out of me
Same as the love of a mother for a child
Love of a man for "My Own"

Every life is a loose interpretation of the original Adam and the Second Adam

We let of of the interpretation that we are flawed because without SPIRIT everything becomes more and more flawed until death and decay and we begin to see only SPIRIT and allow YOU to live through me, which is LIFE.

This was the original intent before the mind rejected


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