Friday, December 28, 2018

Surprise, Homecoming,

The Homecoming and Surprise

I keep getting the "Surprise" synch and that we are in the "Homecoming" stage and that the "tables have turned" though it will not seem like it I now must hold that synch and let it unfold.

One article I was drawn to uses the word surprise but reflects that it was a surprise because it is not understood why Trump told Turkey we were leaving Syria but I have seen that many feel he is being manipulated by Putin.


Some of the synchs I am drawn to is
Voices of the Soul

Barely even friends then someone bends Surprise!!

That post leads to a very old post which the words seem to speak of this moment in history

Further synchs with SURPRISE in December 27th 2005
http://www.stephentree.com/victoriangrimoire/ Click for complete post

Quote:Its big and it will surprise everyone.

Had this synch this morning
Shocking Secret
andSynchronicities of Late:

And Life is full of surprises, and surprise her and many other synchs with surprise.
Manhole cover synchs started with this story in Mammoth Lakeshttp://www.talkabouthistory.com/grou...es/638349.htmlMany more the last few days related to undercurrents of government
Manhole cover on Ellen Degeneres, and also on HoneymoonersPam and I walked and had many synchs with vortex related to manhole covers.
Religious hate disguised as Tolerate or TOLERHATE/ many synchs with with the word hate tonight

This also relates to the synchs of late with Manhole cover and what is happening in Washington that we are not being told completely about... as stated "undercurrents of government" and the recent rise of the manhole synchs again as in this post on Dec 04

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Travel and Write and added Manhole synchs

Don't misunderstand, desolation is assured as in the coming walk to the edge and respect next post.


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