Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Famine Synchs

Famine synchs caused by the anger and separation. They will say it is because of this and that but it is because of the great separation which leads to apathy. When one feels disdain for others their ability to serve them and produce for each other  begin do dwindle. Attention goes toward things that bring plaque to land. For if YOU and I are separated then who will give the love and attention needed to tend the garden? I have said that the separation and mistrust leads to preparation for war and acts of war and the a 4 percent increase in GDP is swiftly spent preparing for things that will turn out badly. The greatest weapons will not produce wheat and will lead to mishap and accidents while the smallest of points overlooked and spoken by the least of them will lead to saving life.

The wall is being sold by someone who does not want it for the reasons being said, but so that his name can be put on it, but the separation that it brings is the cause of more pain and suffering and loss the world over than all the criminals that could walk across unhindered.

Everyone except the base that seem to be wanting a wall because of their intention to cause disruption, to cause breakdown and to bring in an end to this world. They are looking for an anti-Christ but history will show that they are that and that they are the very separation which is sin. Separation from each other and from GOD by a veil of interpretation over their eyes which is an idol without the SPIRIT that only leads to desolation.


Pam has come back from the edge and is doing very well now and loving her life. We have been enjoying watching "Life Below Zero" as the physicality of our lives out her in these hills have become very much life these lives and we enjoy creating the systems that are making our lives more comfortable. We want to travel again and look to the SPIRIT to provide a way to get to that freshness and spirit of place that we love and that allows us to be rich in the SPIRIT. That show along with many other synchs suggest a disturbance in the flow of food is coming caused by the separation and negative intentions of those in power and in their base. But many of those that have followed them will have true intent and see the purpose of all this as the SPIRIT will reach You. I may speak of the projects we are working on but do not suggest this for others, but only point to the SPIRIT as the sourse for each person and group through love to look to. Allow your hearts to be reached.


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