Friday, December 28, 2018

respect for SPIRIT! and "Walk to the Edge"

Your heart will skip a beat and you will be swept into wonder
There will be respect for the SPIRIT or you and your line, will be dead!
It is time to see that True intention of Heart toward SPIRIT is to be respected. Like Samson, women always misunderstand, but they would respect the SPIRIT and learn the true intentions of a men. Then those seeking to flatter women will be revealed. This is meant to change how we judge others as you end up punishing yourselves especially when your judgement is for personal gain. Love is meant to blind a man and lead him to the edge where he can hear his heart.  The SPIRIT will have the respect of those that remain on earth after all is said and done. The conversations that are coming of how so many could be fooled to follow a lie such as religion following Trump these were intended to change the world. The man of SPIRIT does not plan but pays attention to his moments and through "experience with KNOWING YOU SPIRIT" he comes to know more and more of what the moment is saying. This will be the small change like leaven that leavens the whole lump. The religious are looking for the devil and will find it is them without SPIRIT they will misunderstand and be led to do what will reveal them. Religion, the snake, and the woman that fears all lift up how righteous they are but without SPIRIT they are nothing. SPIRIT is that love, that romance, that fulfills all scribbling by scribes.

Religion, the snake, and the woman that fears all lift up how righteous they are but without SPIRIT they are nothing. SPIRIT is that love, that romance, that fulfills all scribbling by scribes.

What has been coming is that life will return to what it was before that caused the respect for SPIRIT as through the father. Because when chaos leads to fear the children (and those that disrespect because of hate such as women) they will respect what they know is from SPIRIT through the father. I have been feeling this and the reaction to the children living in extreme conditions but loving life such as on the program "Life below Zero"  The children see that they need to learn and show such enthusiasm about picking up what is needed through real experience with their family.

The greatest misunderstanding comes from interpreting anything I write rather than going to the Spirit. It must be remembered that a lot of folks that will receive these words need to be jolted out of the self rightness of interpretation and see what they have overlooked about the Spirit. Not to cause them to have to follow this but to free those controlled by those reading a book and using it against them. For each person, the Spirit speaks differently and many things that seem harsh are not intended for those that are having Spiritual experience but for those hiding behind religion or interpretation. (even facts such as science) If you misunderstand the intent and everyone will be presumptuous without the Spirit, humbly I must say "even Me". Embarrassed If that is what You need to hear to accept my love through the Spirit is true. Do not worry about what I say except the Spirit use any part to reach your heart. I mean no harm to anyone, I only want to reach You about what the Spirit has done for me. The precise Irene and hundreds of other synchs which began about the storms and stockmarket etc. started as early as 1993 and were not meant to prove anyone wrong but to give respect (glory) to the Spirit. The constant misunderstanding due to the nature of human "rightness" causes folks fear to join in and with true intention of heart press forward to help reach "OUR OWN".
The misunderstanding because of words about the Spirit's love and intention to make his friend right pertaining to showing the "rightness of the Spirit over thinking" is meant to cause love and respect but many just run and hide when you have nothing to hide from as all the sins of religion are meaningless and are just what those hiding use against others. The Spirit Judges NO ONE, but the judgement is felt by those that believe in punishment as we draw to ourselves what we believe in. Two folks such as a religious person and the prophet they say they follow can do the very same thing but the intention of heart is drastically different.  The postings about Egypt and the love that propelled folks to cooperate is related to our misunderstanding of those who went before us.

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Bonneville and the coming walk to the EDGE



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