Monday, January 07, 2019

Surfing and the Ride

Judging according to the flesh and overlooking the predictions and just like that you DECIDED what kind of man "I am". But you never knew me and because you never knew the SPIRIT you really never knew anyone. Not Jesus, Not Buddha, not anyone. Now after 30 years it no longer matters because there is no real love, except KNOWING YOU/SPIRIT and no one that the world listens to actually reached to SPIRIT either.


I was writing thinking about the surfing synch while watching the surfing movie "Ride" last night and had a great synch about why women misunderstand men and believe men are to blame. A woman complained about "where his attention was when they were making love. She thought it should be on her only, but the evolution of a man is to be connected to his dream and to SPIRIT, his attention grows out of that but when shame entered between the man and a woman he was cut off from both. If you make a norm/law that removes him from this then it is you who have misunderstood. (Click link and find the connection) Love grows for a man and the relationship between a man and his GOD grows in faith similar to between a man and a woman. He does not respond with love but passion until he is convinced that she has true intent toward him. It is the same with SPIRIT the liar cannot get a response from SPIRIT other than in the small things because he/she cannot be trusted... yet. It is once SPIRIT knows you are there for the right reasons that what you have sown reaps. So it is for a man and a woman. A man seems to come in from the other side to a woman, while a woman seems to come in from the other side to a man, faith leads to meeting in the inner chamber, but without some faith no one enters in. The religious are like those that only enter into the first chamber but never go further, therefore it was said what the religious would do to you and it seemed as though they really never knew GOD. Before the veil got to thich and heavy you could reach people with true intent, but because they judge the man and not what the SPIRIT has done they all perish. So it is that we are beyond following any leader and all who follow are being led to slaughter.  There is nothing left after 30 yrs except end the power of the $beast$ to devour what is left.

Pam and I have been watching life below zero on netflix  as our existence is very similar here, and if it were not for money trapping would DEVOUR MUCH LESS of nature because we would not trade for money but trade with our immediate community, this is the basic idea of money related to the beast. Therefore the mindset of money and the sign of money in your hand or on your mind will end in horror for the planet. The lying beast wants you to disregard what has been learned about the devouring relationship of money with respect to nature. But soon, it will be inevitable and all the laws that they make to try to curb what is coming will be futile and all are complicit. And it will be as if GOD were saying "Get off this Planet".

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To go on communicating is useless, it will only cause those that are drawing to themselves desolation to look for someone to blame other than themselves. Silence is Coming!


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