Monday, August 26, 2019

Lost, Aug 26-29th in the synchs, Trump China Rash Event, Iran and the Strait of Hormuz

Was at a friend's talking about his depression, and spoke about my experience with crying all the time and having a broken heart and how it lead through synchronicity to loosing myself daily and getting found. In fact I said I was lost at that very moment and must wait for the SPIRIT once again.

Yesterday I asked in Sanctuary for that Joy, that Manna that only comes from YOU

Pam and I got home and I began to listen to music and the random songs began to speak as my life has always rescued me.

Lover's Rock (Sade) and a flood of synchs regarding my own experience with "the Rock that we cling to" and that YOU/my life are in my lover, and in the breeze. All the words given to others who went before us about that wilderness experience and the rock that water flowed from.
The horse and rider and that relationship between man and SPIRIT.

Being lost is a natural state for those in SPIRIT for the vacuum of the heart draws exactly what is needed. Come Undone

There was these stories of old and scripture but now there is only YOU and I.

Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true

Don't know why,, Norah Jones

Love is Stronger than pride sade

Don't stop believing

Though I have left the struggle, you will see, I am still with you through the storm. Though I cannot be with you, I have left this BODY of experience that is enlivened for you through SPIRIT.

There is a way, but you have to put aside the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me and see that I have always had the intention of heart that makes EVERYTHING given to the SPIRIT work out for good. I had to experience certain things in order to understand the freedom in the SPIRIT in the proper context and also because all us humans are so veiled by our left brains we cannot fathom what is real. There are none good but God even as Jesus said. I allowed the SPIRIT to work through me in order to be a fountain of good. But the good of those that love their interpretation will be revealed to be filthy rags. 

Trump and his worship of profit, even this is used by SPIRIT to reach those that love a lie

What we need comes without force, but if we force it then everything will eventually come undone.
According to the experience/conversation with MY LIFE in 1993 such intentions as Trump would be used to reach/bind those on the right as well as reach those on the left. So I say yes to the SPIRIT related to Trump even though it is causing division that all may be fulfilled.
As everyone that attempts in their own flesh and self rightness, no matter how practiced, has overlooked the smallest of points. All will become for nothing as his intention has only been to make Trump Great and desolate what is really America. What is being done to the earth for profit is overlooking intentionally what it will bring upon us. We watched the movie "The Librarian" and the poetry of the SPIRIT was as the earth being a great pyramid which these are disturbing the foundation stones, which if the foundation stones of the pyramid was off by such as an inch the whole structure would have come down a long time ago. So it is that the vultures have come to feast on the carcass and desolation is inevitable. So see how the SPIRIT will reveal the hearts of men and women, and those that made their own law about tenderness without knowing the origins of passion and how it reaches to the heart. Any love becomes good love, it it is the work of SPIRIT, but everything is evil that is done by those who worship their left brain.

August synchs with YOU and I collide

August 26 through the 29th have always been the most volatile dates for predictions about Storms and human disturbances. The synchs with YOU and I collide and August as well as the YOU and I of Iran and the synchs with the Strait of Hormuz which was also created by Trump's narcissist power desire and the backing of those that want Armageddon because they love their interpretation more than they love each other.

Also the RASH decisions that Trump is making pertaining to China are not only creating China problems but also consumers but also "bad will" around the globe is leading to what will never be worth the actions such as the way China, Iran, North Korea,  is leading to war. Will we be told that it was the right thing to do after such pain is inflicted that money will not matter any more?

YOU and I collide and G7,

Hey don't you know you cannot buy or sell unless you have the......

Right Wing Conspiracy against the Tree and the Online Conspiracy against the posts



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