Wednesday, August 21, 2019

SPIRIT of Place, The Cover-up, Bubble-net and Christians

Spirit of Place

One year ago today

Synchs last night
The Peacemaker
  "they feel pain and they're determined to share it"

The Cover-up
having to do with Trump/Epstein also Russia Nuclear/Missile accidents

Trump shows feeling of those that feel they are better than others
They hate you because you are poor because you have needs and they don't

This day last year

The Bubblenet and what is happening with Trump and Christianity exactly on time as the synchs had revealed long before Trump

News today

Trump touts quote calling him 'second coming of God' to Jews in Israel

The original intent of the heart was to reveal the manipulation and lies of those that want you to believe they are the good people when there are none good except God and the closest you can come is allowing SPIRIT to speak through you for then you are a fountain of good.
Here are a lot of the posts over the years


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