Thursday, August 08, 2019

The Snake, the Woman, and the real devil, spin master

The Snake, the Woman, and the real devil, spin master

The snake is a man or a woman that manipulates truth through an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT. The woman is women in general that accepts the interpretation/spin and the harlot church that also mirrors the woman in that she looks for the most pleasing fruit/interpretation that fits her desires and uses it against the son of man on this planet in order to use shame/use him. The old Adam is he that accepts this and conforms to her wishes thus veiling himself from the SPIRIT. This is the real story of the Garden and Original Sin that causes the pain and shame in relationship. The only redemption from this is a man through his broken heart finds SPIRIT as spoke through Jesus and realizes the true message which is not understood but experienced. 

The purpose of the predictions of Trump and this time of separation was to reveal the true intentions of the heart of those hiding behind a veil of spin they love more than they love each other. The spin of the snake is desired for those wishing to hide behind a veil that allows them to inwardly sin but shame those who sin against their interpretation/ god that they worship. As predicted what was hidden in their hearts is being revealed and the conditions of separation and hate are allowing those hidden things of the heart to be made manifest revealing the "True intetnions of the heart of those that manipulate and lie for $gain$ and how the law is made useless by the real sinners. All are sinners and those that use the law in a manner it was not intended such as a woman using marriage for money, or a grifter using probate law to steal from a family, or a president that uses the office in a manner that is criminal according to their own law/interpretation,,, this is the Judas of the world. But the world will be destroyed if this now does not end. That old world will not have one stone left upon another of it's precepts.

Synchs happening right now
Chernobyl synchs and then radiation synchs
A pop outside and the bug zapper simultaneously

Storm, Family Fire, Mother will be against daughter

The Father spoke though this father, let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those who never knew me, who's only purpose was to manipulate and use the law against me, or you too will end in in desolation.

Eninem and the synchs

Storm and Orange is coming
Synchs with Orange is Coming and the coming storm

Synchs with the coming train wreck

I tell you the least of them is greater than one of these who manipulate and lie and use the law against Christ in these.


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