Monday, August 05, 2019

Democrats I have information on your opponent, Sorrow, Mitch's Shoulder,

I say what the SPIRIT tells me to say

Trump, Mitch and Calm down ,,, when the intention is fire! Broken Hearts, Sorrow and I will reach you

Who is responsible for the shootings 
Everyone is because they reject the SPIRIT
Therefore in order to reach you, I must break your hearts
in order to save those that remain
Aug 6th 2017 synch with Total Eclipse of the heart

Shoulder Dream Interpretation. Seeing shoulder (broken) in your dreams symbolize strength, responsibility and burdens

Each episode or action toward others by Americans is leading to how they will be treated in the end but they will feel that they are being treated badly only to be shown how they treated others. Such as the rich man Mitch McConnell who wanting to end entitlements when he himself is considered to be entitled by those he wants to take it away from defies the COMMANDMENT which these same have vowed to be judged by . But this will end in the prediction of 

People who think they are smart without the SPIRIT finding even what they thought they possessed is taken from them.
Synchs about "will be taken from them" 


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