Sunday, December 01, 2019

Cooperation with SPIRIT and Animals, US government ignorance with regard to these synchs

When I gave the intention to the SPIRIT after passing through the experience to know YOU,  I found that it was already known that I would ask it and I wanted it to be in partnership with SPIRIT and nature and the creatures of the earth.  I cannot stop what has to happen. They cannot force this process to stop, but if we could have reached you earlier then what must happen would not have been so drastic and likewise each day that passes and none are reached so as to make the process more and more painful for humans must become a new creature for this creature is passing away.

The deer yesterday was also a sign of this and I am staying open to see the fullness of what this means. To love the least of them means even the creatures of this earth. Those leaders that interpret for you have led astray. What is happening now is a amplified representation of leaders leading astray due to an abomination of interpretation because the SPIRIT was not made weightier than the presumptions. Therefore all who follow a leader are themselves headed for desolation. There should only be servants, not leaders because you cannot serve two masters.

No man can serve two masters: for either he
will hate the one, and love the other; or else
he will hold to the one, and despise the other,
Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Neither can leaders fix this as they will only lead astray further except they become servants of SPIRIT, for then they will not be a leader but a servant of all including animals and earth itself. For the time is upon us that all men will know GOD and will not have to tell their neighbor to "know God" as all who remain will know and serve GOD. Not as those that interpret are saying but as the SPIRIT leads each one in conjunction with the true intentions of the heart made perfect by SPIRIT's leading..

Synchs with

US government ignorance with regard to these synchs
They have not served the people in this regard

Very important note to American Governing Authority
If the bear will serve the SPIRIT then we will see if that is the synch
I will wait for the SPIRIT to tell me what the meaning of the bear is in this case. Is it Russia, or is it the monster that will defeat the manipulators as Russia seems to be a manipulator of our elections and the bear synch was about Russian attack synchs which were disregarded by my own and this country. 
Bear synchs that were flagrantly disregarded to America's detriment

I need a call as to why when this has been out there for so many years that it has been intentionally disregarded. What flacks! Otherwise the humiliation of both Republican and Democrats will probably begin and start with how stupid they have been regarding this.

Edit to add at 9:50pm EST
had this synch with James Bond Diamonds are forever
Washington D.C. "Since we have not heard from them, they shall hear from us."
This may be NK

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