Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Lisa vs Trump Fake Orgasm real Stroke

Lisa vs Trump Fake Orgasm real Stroke

Lisa Page and Trump's fake orgasm was what woke me up at 3:08am and I was feeling that his love was so cold and his fake new so manipulating that even if he was to not speak because of a stroke that he would just have someone else animate his voice for him. But it seems like a stroke would be exactly what he is drawing to himself and the synchs related to January 17th also seem to say that but I am waiting on the SPIRIT to let me know. The political right does not seem to care how devastating he is to Americans just money, money, money.  It feels like as he has done to others be it unto him. That this is what he is drawing to himself and that LEFT BRAIN seems also to be drawing even worse in the end. I am telling you how we draw to ourselves exactly what fits. And his base also is drawing all hell to themselves with their "true intentions" which underlie their being drawn to this reality. let's hope things can turn around and Americans can coincide with each other after they find out nobody is right and that they loved their interpretations more than they loved each other leading to desolation. Then maybe even Trump does not have to suffer such a fate as this. Well, we can dream right? This is to help you see how we draw what we draw to ourselves. But if you could reach the SPIRIT then whatever you do with true intent it WILL BE MADE RIGHT, and what you do without having the SPIRIT at your back even if you believe it is good it is not because you are separated from your source.

When every word that proceeds from his mouth is only separation continuously and for political profit he makes fake orgasms, fake news and says the others are fake and those that hate others love it therefore they are implicated then what are you drawing to yourself. The SPIRIT does not necessarily DO IT TO YOU, but you do it to yourselves.

This is also to help those that are being persecuted like Lisa Page understand how not to fight but speak and allow the SPIRIT to do what it is doing to bring all to the understanding that they are all here to understand. Not by force, not by might, but by every word that comes from the SPIRIT to the individual that seeks him. The interpretations are all wrong because they did not go to the SPIRIT for them but rather thought their left brains were meant to decipher and were caught once again in a net.

they may be hiding a stroke that has already happened.

Of course we don't want bad things to happen to anyone but my intention has been to reveal how you draw to yourself according to your own action/beliefs/words.

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