Thursday, February 27, 2020

Desolation and Separation, Men and Women, Coronavirus predicted

The predictions began as a seed in 1993 that began with a broken heart
Dove Crying on a Branch
Let Go of the Veil of Interpretation Given You by those that never knew me

First let me say that the anger proceeding from under the altar (let those perishing blaspheme the SPIRIT at this point) is so extreme today toward certain beings that have hidden their true intention of heart toward SPIRIT and MEN. This is related to predictions to SAVE LIVES as presumption is becoming a very dangerous thing on this planet. You either have true intention of heart toward this or get off my planet!!!!!

Perfect Love, will reach you. You will see you cannot manipulate and lie and you have misunderstood the true intentions of the heart about passion which means you are drawing your own punishment because of your judgement. Perfect love is better than a bullet! No one can manipulate and lie and get away with it because of the fragrance of the heart.

2001 Dnatree Prediction
The coming fire so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I, Men and Women, Democrats and Republicans, Islam and Christian as there really has always only been YOU and I.  Link 1, Link 2

There is an intention that cannot be seen by the eyes but it rises from the dna of certain beings and is easily revealed by the SPIRIT that is hunting such as this right now.

First the Coronavirus is also having to do with #METOO and was predicted exactly one year before it began. You LIE, Your Children Die and in the case of hidden manipulation for money which is a harlot it means death within the next three years according to the synchs.
Here is the Prediction

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Epidemic, Dance, Morning Routine

All the predictions are coming that true that were given by the SPIRIT,but in this blog I am going to concentrate on the METOO movement and the smallest of points overlooked. Like the woman that says in her heart "I can conspire to use shame against men for money" and all the women and the snakes will be behind them they think.... I tell you it is for this reason that desolation is coming.

Women and Men in America, the separation and the desolation that it draws

There is something overlooked and in the dna the fragrance of the heart reveals exactly the true intentions of the heart and the women that PRESUMED that they could manipulate and lie for money as revealed through the "whale breaching" synchs will be FINGERED by the SPIRIT in a way that will reveal what is hidden. Those that conspired for money using shame against a woman will be revealed to be below a harlot and those harlots that openly confess that they are will fair better than what is going to happen to these. Such as those that conspired against men that had money, the SPIRIT will dispatch these "within" three more years from this planet as this is such a greater abhorrence than being an honest harlot. It is known exactly whom it is with such an intent and any that blaspheme against the SPIRIT either a hidden harlot or a snake taking up for such trash will be used to reach the rest.

I notice that American Women want to PUNISH MEN however they never knew the SPIRIT that is Truth and this moment was predicted in 2001  with the coming fire so hot it will melt the veil separating men and women, democrats and republicans, islam and christian as there has always only been you and I. 
punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.

So you believe you can punish men, well I KNOW you are drawing your own punishment, watch what happens to those that manipulated for money and judged men by their own presumption like in the "whale breaching" synchs.

Once Again all who believe in Punishment Scheduled to be Punished (Yes, You too public Servant!)

The SPIRIT has never been wrong in one of these predictions
Scarlet Brought to her Knees

You hate men and the SPIRIT, be it unto you


As said to the rich man all who have manipulated and lied for profit may as well go sell all they have and give it to the poor before what is coming.
Get off this planet if you do not have true intention of heart toward men and SPIRIT

Here let me show you what you have overlooked and then there better be a whole lot of confessions before the SPIRIT starts fingering (Live unveiled and unashamed before God) those that like to make love and passion a sin while hiding the LUST of money and manipulation and the separation it brings which is leading to desolation.

Watch as the SPIRIT reveals the hearts of those hiding and shaming yet they themselves do not have True Intention of Heart. 

Other Predictions
This fire will reveal what is separating YOU and I or there will be no flesh left according to the predictions

Friday, March 02, 2018


Death by Astonishment
We did not need the Coronavirus and such to reach you to the heart, passion and sex was the original
intention meant to reach you, but you thought you knew better. You are to live unveiled and uninhibited with TRUE INTENTION OF HEART
Therefore I must break your hearts

It is not a man's sins that  you will be punished for it is your own presumption
These are predictions and see dnatree.blogspot.com as every one has come true.

Pruning and those hiding behind a veil of interpretation without True Intention of heart

Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Because there is no true intention of heart and the synchs with desolation have just begun it would be better for a man with TRUE INTENTION OF HEART  that is being manipulated by such as this to pluck out his other eye like in a relationship where they do not see eye to eye rather than the hell that is coming. Leave it if it does not have true intention of heart toward SPIRIT and man. Time is Short!
Separation in the family drawing desolation
Life is My Wife, Marriage has become a tool used by those without true intent to defraud and their better be confessions pouring out in the street as desolation was predicted because of this.
Marriage is between a man and the SPIRIT that is his life
Wild Hearts cannot be broken
The preacher and lawyer have stolen my bride
and by their view she is made to abide
Is this the reason that I died?
It's love across time

Never been wrong in one of these predictions that has come from SPIRIT
You draw to YOURSELF (fragrance of the heart) exactly what is needed to reach. There are no accidents
perfect love is more accurate at reaching perfectly to the heart than any bullet. Everyone tries to blame 
the other person but what is happening now is revealing on the planet that YOU DRAW TO YOURSELF EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED. You do not DO MAGIC, you allow it. Just as Christ allowed the cross. 
The SPIRIT says to say "I could not reach you, therefore I must break Your heart.
He cried out "Why have you forsaken me" and found out why he was pierced to the heart.
Society, he took the blame for her, but the True Intentions of the Heart are now separation and desolation, let it therefore be heaped upon you, there is no love and without love You are nothing.
There is no real love, only the SPIRIT working through you is love
everything else is presumption

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I could not reach America, therefore your hearts will break! UPDATED

DNATREE: YOU and I collide and August


First Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 8:08 pm    YOU and I Collide

It is important to see the dates of these predictions/synchs over the years to see we could not reach You before "The Event"


Let the SPIRIT go forth revealing the True Intentions of all Your hearts
What is going to happen is the smallest of points all who love their interpretation more than they love each other have overlooked. I mean those manipulating and lying will begin to drop dead in your presence. It is the only way to reach you.

This is evolving today


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