Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Deal? She (Partner with Nature) Workers in a Company

                                  Deal? She (Helper, Partner, with Nature ) Workers in a Company

Hey Deal maker

How about if the Corona-virus was to go away?

If you want to keep the idea of money then the unfair imbalance with nature....

Toward nature and the LEAST OF THEM that you do it unto them, you have done it unto ME.

Ruthless Competitor I am talking to you

I went to correct the line with "company" where it was on a new line and I thought it should go on the line with the workers but then the SPIRIT said leave it as" presumption related to this".. OK so this is my evening and the line when I was thinking about the ruthless competitor for Ummmm, this and such.

Bully with a smile on the PBS Amazon right now

Sorry I am a wildheart

Sure as the sun shall rise (Words to a song)
Why didn't anyone notice this yet?
As sure as the sun shall rise   

March Miracle Predicted Jan 11th 2014

Come on let me know
March is waning and so is the amount of the Miracle


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