Sunday, March 22, 2020

What if Politics is putting Americans in Danger and there is a fix?

Ok Trump you have an opportunity to fulfill the true intention of the heart of Christianity by humbling yourself before the SPIRIT and allowing the Cross and laying down the veil of interpretation to be reached by the SPIRIT. This is what the right needs and you need to let the world see the synchs and how this "mustard seed" grew so that presumption is revealed. Otherwise the heat will be turned up and in the end your blocking the SPIRIT will be revealed as history!

Christians on the right, humble yourself before the SPIRIT and let go of the veil of interpretation so that you can see what has been overlooked.

This is such an opportunity to fulfill the gospel of CHRIST but without seeing clearly the leaves (words) of this tree and the blossoms (bursting forth as many blossoms on this tree) then the fruit will completely crush you. Allow yourself to be reached and even nailed to this tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let your veil of interpretation be lifted and the resulting broken heart will guide you to grow in SPIRIT and Truth.

This can end now if you allow, but if you block it further all leaders will receive their due.

Listen I love what has been built and seek to allow the SPIRIT to complete it so that it fits like a hand and a glove with nature. Desolation is Assured, let it be of the heart!!

synchs with March 22nd

Get open minded think tanks to review the synchs both on stephentree.com
and dnatree.blogspot.com as Time is Short!! The increased coronavirus "radiation" will make you adapt.!

Other synchs 
"Remembering Words"
"The Glove feels best when it fits"
"I stay with the dream until it is perfect", "I don't want it until it is perfect"
I want you all fulfilled, you don't understand this is the way of SPIRIT
The problem is removed once everyone on this planet is reached.
Even the manipulating liar is redeemable and forgiven by humbling themselves toward the SPIRIT, then it is only their own beliefs that would condemn them.
You deny me, but do not reject the SPIRIT when it is knocking
The SPIRIT will repent being angry when you are reached as then you are one of "My Own"
cusp of change
I will not give up on "My Own"
Your only safe place and Orange 2007
Ok MY LIFE make those manipulated scotus picks just "go away"


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