Sunday, April 19, 2020

Poppies, Flowers and Trees and a life of Enchantment

“To wander in the fields of flowers pull the thorns from your own heart.”


When I first got to my new life in California the synchronicity with flowers and the coast and living that passionate life of synchronicity with YOU/MY LIFE

The way for Americans to come back together is to turn to SPIRIT and follow the lead of the music. 

My life in California started in a field of flowers on the coast. Rumi poem about field of flowers.
Pam and I dream practicing Havana in New Orleans.
Urgent Trump's heart is nearly broken, and it must be, about reaching such a point to finally allow SPIRIT. I tried my best only to find out what I needed was SPIRIT. But without true intent there is no getting past the impassable way.  Both dreams and fears manifest.  You chose to live alone... Unless you go through this door.
I give my anger for my enemies to SPIRIT, that YOU might manifest perfect love.
He learned from SPIRIT and not from an interpretation
Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that really never knew me

Link Coast and Flowers

Kenny Loggins Conviction of the heart and Forgiveness
The Path does not end
This was the subject of our experience on the coast.... not the end but as you will see in our video where the path SEEMS to end but if you have faith and stick your neck out past where most people misunderstand You see where the path starts new. The path of thorns will end but the path of flowers begins new and fresh.


My daughter and I are having a new start since the veil was lifted the SPIRIT is able to reach her now. My grandson loves an empty box to play in I want to get as empty as I can to allow the SPIRIT.


Allow Yourself to be Swept into Wonder


Manna and "What is it?"

I let the synchronicity unfold as I needed to reach my children 
They never knew he had a heart until they found the box
This is the 1997 book in a document form to download
I am bursting forth as many roses on this vine
And my fragrance will draw all men unto me
Hearts will unfold like flowers before me

So we let go of those that cannot be reached and do not believe in SPIRIT and let life deal with whom will be last. As it was written, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Let your broken heart unfold like an appleseed.

Let the moment give you everything you need
Let your heart unfold like an appleseed
While on the fruit each MOMENT you feed

Do not worship or pay attention to the monster but place your attention on the SPIRIT that is LIFE


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