Saturday, December 19, 2020

You leave no choice!

 Those against Trump could not be reached and neither could the right. I thought for sure you would respond and America would get the message of the SPIRIT but it has to be done the hard way now.

Trump will destroy everything and his intentions will even betray his base BUT because what was offered would not reach you and you did not respond as needed it may be needed now to let his lies take over and he will even kill many of his enemies but though all the predictions came true nobody responds so horror appears to be what you are creating for yourselves.

Think about it! Hardly one person has even cared to pass on the information that I have given my life to reach you about. I am so angry because of what has to happen to America now.

Don't get me wrong, I know Trump is a con and the damage he will do and how he has manipulated and used the beliefs of those on the right and his base though they don't know he will destroy them, but you have left no choice and your beliefs will just lead to fighting until great destruction comes because of global warming etc. You will not respond to the synchs and the SPIRIT vs Interpretation so you are creating your own horror. At least with Trump the desolation will lead to you getting my message!
Time is Short! You need to see all the tree of synchs and realize what you have overlooked because if the earth does it, or Trump does it, either way you are headed for desolation.

The synchs were completely right about everything even before he took office all this was known but there is no support for the SPIRIT that could have kept what was coming from happening. So if it is necessary to allow Trump to continue then I no longer want to stand in the way, as the SPIRIT was allowing me until this point to stop the desolation but you don't care as you will not tell them.

Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray,GOP humiliation 2016 twitter.com/dnatree/status The Coming Great American Desolation and Humiliation June 2017 twitter.com/dnatree/status Everything was predicted including Epidemic Feb 2019 twitter.com/dnatree/status #TrumpFailedRally
predicted "sick" the week before for the White House and got Trump's "Bounty" exactly one month before Sick White House synch twitter.com/dnatree/status Mutiny on the bounty synch twitter.com/dnatree/status All predicted including epidemic

American #Media, @votecommon @ctmagazine @ProjectLincoln @democrats

You will look for me, but you will not find me; and where I am, you cannot come.
I am going home soon.


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