Friday, July 28, 2006


If you have already lived the outcome, You Too, would leave the struggle. There is coming a fight (war, fire) so hot, the only way out will be to leave the struggle. And every one that follows the interpretations of man (self rightness from interpretation rather than surrender to spirit) will fade away.

I love teachers like Abraham-Hicks and my experience had led me to such knowing and many of the same conclusions. But I find it of most emense advantage to gain understanding through direct experience with the spirit.

When the husband and wife fought, (dem/republican, Islam/Christian) they both lost. And the husband took the pain to the grave. That in new life he would carry it no more. This is the meaning of the cross. Until death do us part. The wedding supper. I left the struggle. I remain in a place of Joy. To engage is to create more and so I give this pain to the spirit, that she will reach your heart. Every Christian following the interpretation will come to a cross where they will feel "my God, why have you forsaken me" and the answer will not come from the interpretation but from the spirit. Goodbye

The woman (religion) and her enmity toward the snake is a result of misinterpretation, which always occurs when interpretation is attempted without the "true intention of the heart" or spirit. For without love you cannot enter the heart which is the womb of the soul. She needed an interpretation to hide her shame behind. She never knew him and only sought to consume him, and when it was no longer profitable she denied him. If you want money go be a harlot, but if you treasure your moments with me you will live with me forever. The right people have been fooled, that is why it is written unless you love the least of the bretheren you do not love me, this will prove all the right people have followed a lie.
To be in a wonderful place with YOU, (my life) That is where I have gone.


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