Saturday, August 12, 2006

The beginning of the Next World

I am with You

But we decided to take Tuesday off and camp at Henry Cole State Park near Santa Cruz. Pam wanted to rest and I needed to Wonder so I took off on the bike down the mountain to Santa Cruz. I decided to ride up the coast and as I did I looked for YOU (spirit, my life) in my moments. That is when the synch with “I am with You” started. As many times before I had experience that my intentions were being “felt” by those I intend to reach and love. In this case I began to speak to Pam inside myself and in synchronicity with what I was experiencing in the Poetry of my moments. As I felt this I saw the shadow of grass blades like wheat that had seeds on top and the wind was bending them in synch with my thoughts. I saw how the “original intentions” of the heart were melded with my own intentions and with other intentions to so that “all (intentions) may be fulfilled). Thus the Spirit’s intentions can be melded with all our intentions no matter if we are sane or veiled. The spirit indicates that freedom is real in the spirit for the spirit knows how to synergize all intentions in such a way that all that is needed to occur does. It does not need our help. What this means is that I can stumble and the spirit makes it work. So it is when on prophecies I said “Go ahead and make some mistakes”. For it is not you that is to keep the law but that the spirit fulfills all that is needed through you according to your connection and relationship with spirit. Therefore I do not keep the law but keep YOU in my moments that “all be fulfilled” For because of love for those that are veiled I intend the spirit keep me in such a place that I do not offend except to “teach and reach to the heart”. Such as don’t lead us into temptation except when your intent is to do so in order to deliver us from evil (ignorant misconceptions that cause separation). Now words will be shown to only cause misconception when the spirit is not also invoked to teach and reach. The only true communication is with YOU, my life, for this communication is the purist. And in this melding of intentions I am told that “I am with You always, even to the ends of the earth”

The beginning of this Next World

In the beginning, or rather at the end of the world according to religion and society, after humans exploded in knowledge they found that their thoughts were changing reality itself. It started by misinterpretation, for many were changing and those reluctant to change fought with each other and set themselves against all change and those that changed. It became where it was better to just remain silent and intend to reach the heart of loved ones. This was so because man had developed interpretations about experiences of those that had gone before them and had misinterpreted over and over until the spirit through those that went before them began to use the misinterpretations to capture the fearful and unbelieving in a net, for they were to be changed. The dominant misinterpretation drew the fearful and unbelieving that hid their nakedness behind this veil and judged the world wrongly with this veil which they wore. This was intended in order that those that thought they were spotless due to this veil they wore could be shown in one moment that they wore filthy rags. For the end of this world (Christianity) was to show that the letter of law and interpretation was powerless compared to knowing the spirit which is Your Life and that those that preached love thy neighbor would through their zealous love of interpretation be shown to love interpretation more than they love their own children. For anyone sent to such with true experience in spirit was hated and misinterpreted and even killed as the prophets before them by such as were religious without getting each stone from spirit. (They have labored in vain)

Synchs in Aug 2006

Liver problems, cancer fears of others. The roots of separation within each person are evident in the veil of misunderstanding expressed in relationship between You and I, Us and them, husband and wife, Islam and Christian, east and west. Yosemite synchs, Tree synchs, Faithful Couple (trees joined at root) I heard a pop in someone else’s campfire.

No longer will religion judge the world with their interpretation without spirit but they have judged themselves. Cast all your blames and misconceptions on the spirit for only spirit reaches to the heart. Prophecies.us misunderstood, for it is not I that needs to be perfect but what the spirit does through me. Religion is looking for something that they cannot themselves be, therefore when they see true intent of heart they hate them.

I have seen a pattern in recent years that first they show something like the border patrol agent that could not chase the illegal immigrant so that public opinion will be moved in a direction to give more control to officers and less rights to themselves without public outcry because the public wanted it. ( They wanted a king) Is it the job or even right of the religious right to interpret without the spirit and that interpretation become a law for their neighbor? For they will be shown to be the greatest law breakers.

Gee I am afraid to go on has turned into. Yes, I can.

Something that sings in my blood says, Yes, I can


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