Monday, October 24, 2011

Bird Synchs on Trip to Coast

Bird Synchs on Trip to Coast

We had a wonderful time on this trip

I wanted to go to the north coast to walk and wonder and so we decided to make a trip of it. Pam wanted to get a kitchenette and cook dinner and so I thought about that Moose Cottage that we stayed at one time and gave them a call. I asked what other theme cottages they had and they mentioned the Bird Cottage. So I told them we would probably take that one and then we took off to first Point Arena to stay the first night at this cheap motel there and the second we planned in Mendocino. As soon as we got on I-5 we got behind the Pheasant truck and Pam took pictures. Then we turned onto Hwy 12 and there was a huge number of crows on the overhead wires. Then we turned on the Radio and this program was all about Sparrows. http://www.soundprint.org/radio/display_show/ID/579/name/Surviving+Extinction Getting onto Hwy 37 we then ran into this large number of Clowy Plovers then when we got to Point Arena and they told us that they have a new Casino and to check out the dinner there. We did and it was wonderful. (We shared a plate) As we walked outside we heard the Pomo Pow Wow and remembered them saying something about it in Point Arena. We went down and found they were doing the feather dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_tJU8fWCeQ and we ended up telling them about me being Stephentree and Tree and about Raine (My daughter) and about our synchs today and showed them recordings about the day and wow did we ever have some cool experiences with them. We then met this Pomo Indian lady named Linda. (Cute as a button) and next thing we are invited to dinner at her house. (But it will have to be Sunday next time)

We got to Ft Bragg and I went walking



Met this fellow that I had a crazy synch with as I gave him a dollar before he asked and then we began to talk about how he changed his drinking and replaced it with Tootsi Rolls and then I said I have a synch with that and reached in my bag and got the Tootsi Roll that Pam had just gotten from a Knights of Columbus. He was blown away.


He had lost many folks lately and it was reaching him to the heart and he was having many synchs like this one.



Here at Point Arena are the synchs with Dog Loss, this fellow Chris lost his dog Heidi at first I thought it was his wife as he and the dog were so close.



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