Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mexican Massacre Synch today (Posted on JREF yesterday)

We were going to a seminar that Pam talked me into Today and on the way we heard a program about the Cartel Massacres. They spoke about how in the USA Massacres from domestic violence etc usually have one, two or three victims but in Mexico it is like 72 at a time.

As we rode home I talked to Pam about the Aztecs and the killing massacres where the Aztecs had long lines of people they were to sacrifice. How the energy there has something to do with this energy.

Then tonight Nova came on about the subject of the Aztecs and the Massacre then, they even used the word Massacre.

Synch with HTC where TC = To come

I don't know if this is a prediction or a synch that is speaking in this one yet.

I had gone to another forum where of course they were very presumptuous about my posts and out of that came this synch. I had posted this on their site and then I posted the Stockman post because my name is Stockman on this other place and I had forgotten that the first words of the Stockman Poem were

Cow say:
Moooww, slaughter house come

Why you labor, why you work
Stockman comin and he take it all away

Stockman comin and he take it all away

Indian say:
White man comin and he take it all away

Moose say:
Hunter came and he took it all away

Jesus comin and he wipe your tears away
Spirit comin and bring a new day
Love come and give us the words to say
This morning the friend (David) that had the synch with me years ago while we walked about the word intention sent me this video about the Mayan Calendar and Tomorrow the 28th. This video also speaks of those that did not change with the Spirit as I have testified to for ten years in these forums.


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