Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to understand Strange People

Idea of Video

How to understand Strange People

The True Intentions of the Heart

Secret Tragedy

His heart was broken, and he will never let anyone near it again

Except when the SPIRIT came and taught me that I could trust YOU

And taught me to love YOU and then because every experience I had was perfect because YOU came to me in many forms while I could not stand humans but then You showed me how to MEET and when I spent everyday as with You those that came were treated as though it was YOU. What romance it was with Spirit first that taught me how to reach You!

Could This be what was Meant by

They will all deny You

Understanding a baby

Why she is looking at me with fear and no knowledge, in all humility she seeks to understand. To fill her heart and push out the fear.

About a hermit

Because of the world that I seek I learned different things from my moments and treasure them. When I am around HUMANS there is a great misunderstanding and fear and such misunderstanding that I could not even retain what I had learned normally. I had to use the ultimate creation in order to remember the truth about love and passion, related to what they do not understand. There is a passion inside you that will deliver you from fear.They could never know me, because to do so they would have to know their own selves. Which they don’t. It is not what the world of sin and death portrays, but is what each learns about itself from the Spirit.

OH, I could go on, but you would only forbid and reject me.

Therefore, I am a hermit. For you would hate me worse than you hate him You never knew.


A lot of people do not understand why I smell (Put smiley here)

So that You know that I am in my heart Honest


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