Sunday, November 06, 2011

Write Your Story

Write Your story of what happened on Prophecies

Your world is not made of atoms, it is made of your stories..
I began having this synch as Pam and I went walking in San Fran and ended up in the Castro Area. Wow!
We had dinner at a Tai Restraunt there and the entertainment was the three fellows at the table next to us. I went into the bookstore a block over seeing what kind of books they had on Synchronicity and they could not find any related to the culture of the area but then I walked right over to a bookshelf and just picked this book up that turned out to be on the subject though they did not use the word synchronicity.

I of course had dozens of synchs just flipping through the book but the one I want to write here about was an ongoing one last night. It was about how the world is not made of atoms but of stories as all the aboriginal cultures suggest.
Driving home on public radio was a program about different peoples Stories
Then when we got home this commercial came on about "write your story" and this fellow that got a weather balloon and launched it into space.
I thought about how we all experienced something on Prophecies and from different perspectives and how much it would say for each to Write Your Stories


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