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Hidden in Plain View

  1. Hidden in Plain View

    What was the real story that the "Interpreters" overlooked about Jesus?

    Hidden in PlainView

    On our way out of Porterville we took a back road and found this town.

    Pam and I got home and were so tired we fell into the hot tub at the Apt and began to relax. Pam went back to the thing she was thinking about while we traveled to Porterville and Bakersfield and Fresno, which was preparing for a wedding as not only her son is getting married but also my brother. She began to think about what else she could do to prepare for the wedding and I thought,,,, how to let the SPIRIT make it right.

    Which takes us to the experience we had while traveling as we traveled.
    As we drove down hwy 41 north of Fresno a motorcycle passed us pulling a keg behind it and then I noticed the words on the back of the keg.. Water to Wine
    I pointed out the water to wine on the keg and said,,, hey that is about a wedding and that is one of my synchs about knowledge being turned into experience. Had another synch with keg related to someone that had cancer today because of the keg synch while watching hearing about the guy from Beasty Boys.

    I could not get the phone to take a pic before he got off at the next exit but I did see somewhere where it was posted in a book or something when I googled to see if I could find that bike and keg. It looked like this one but was very neat and had the words water to wine written on it.

    Well Pam began to think in the hot tub about the wedding again and I began to think about the water being changed to wine. I forgot about the motorcycle and so did Pam until I began to think again about the meaning of the water turning to wine. I thought about the saying

    Where the rubber hits the road

    While thinking about the idea I had synchs about over the years about marriage and a man clinging to a woman

    Then I felt this beginning poem

    Where does the Rubber hit the road?
    When does the water really turn to wine?

    Just then the rubber on the motorcycle came into my mind as where the rubber hits the road and the fact that in marriage what You learn from the poetry of the experience of those that went before us related to marriage and what Jesus was really saying and… the SPIRIT was also synergizing with that intention,, or agreeing as fruit burst forth as a miracle when the water turned to wine at the wedding.

    House of cards (This is notes about a synch related to that movie about the lttle girl in the movie that lost her dad and went into a trance to find him the poetry of the moon and death. I had a synch about it earlier and posted about it.)

    As I searched for that post about this movie I got that warning thing again in the post about synchronicity, I think someone is really trying to stop folks from hearing about SPIRIT.

    The little girl, come as a child
    Love for her daddy,,,, mutual with Spirit as to where the power of the SPIRIT would most fruit/begin to germinate..

    Not a self pain passion of feeling sorry for Your Self but rather wanting to see as it was said “ear hath not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man what the SPIRIT/GOD has prespaired for those that love him/through him. So wouldn’t if you have to be in this terrible pain, or go through the experience of death of a friend/loved one,,wouldn’t You want it to be as real and what the SPIRIT has in store for JUST YOU?

    Then how the little girl could never possibly do what needed to be done to reach her father but something in her she knew she could let go and it would do it. Love, intention, passion, surrender.

    Anyway, now take Stephentree and his passion in his life related to this child’s love, intention, belief, passion surrender…

    Now take how humans judge MEN especially related to what they do not understand.

    Other thoughts of late

    There is this great truth that comes out where the person that always said that a Woman should be Cherished but over the years what came out was she didn’t cherish anything. She did not cherish her kids, nor did she cherish herself and certainly she did not cherish the SPIRIT that is GOD. But someone that had cherished the SPIRIT and loved everyone in his life yet was understand had that used against him. But the idea is that You give all that love and passion to the SPIRIT that the SPIRIT might guide your steps to put the energy in love in the right place by fulfilling what those that love appearances could never see. So next time You hear this self righteous ritual that is really used to humiliate and focus public opinion in a direction “other than the truth” remember to think about the fruit of the two that are going through this process and what is beyond appearances and can only be known by knowing them.

    Other thoughts of late.
    There are those that see a person coming and before ever knowing the MAN already hate them, and misunderstand them and deny them with their gestures, and even judge him only because he is a man even as the man is smiling at them because of how nature helps him overcome the way she is treating him. The smallest of points overlooked about why a man is made the way he is reveals…


    The SPIRIT will come down and the smallest of points overlooked by all WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING on this planet. And those hiding,,,, will have nowhere left to hide!

    Took a pic at the bear restaurant with the bear and I think someone may have tried to manipulate me like my synch in the other thread on warning by but they could not get me to eat the poison. But that part of the plan I think did not work.

    Just a pic about friends

    Friends help friends when bears attack (I think the board is being attacked by a bear)
    Another bear attack synch on tv Jimmy Kimbal

    She asked "What passion created this attention to the SPIRIT in your life?" What the old interpretations called "Worship" because of the love for Jesus or the Spirit through Jesus was created in me through the normal door to Christianity. But the interpretation of Christianity is not PERFECT and I discovered only YOU/SPIRIT are PERFECT. I am so odd LOL, but YOU are PERFECT SPIRIT. I wonder why I am compelled to reveal that. The rightness that is the demand of those that believe a person should be thus and so is foolishness compared with the perfection that is of the SPIRIT. A man does not have to appear as those who try to appear perfect for the perfection is in what the SPIRIT completes in him. This is why Pam has learned to overlook what most would misunderstand because of what she sees the SPIRIT does through me. dnatree
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    so much to be found of women and wine weddings jesus and what we judge true in our hearts brother ....hard to figure how all the things have been hidden from us for so long... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POebSeUq-PM ...love
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    that boom boom boom...makes my heart smile melody...love
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melody View Post
    what a positively great song!

    Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
    I could see the city light
    Wind was blowing, time stood still
    Eagle flew out of the night

    He was something to observe
    Came in close, I heard a voice
    Standing stretching every nerve
    I had to listen had no choice

    I did not believe the information
    Just had to trust imagination
    My heart going boom boom, boom
    "Son," he said, "Grab your things, I've come to take you home."

    To keeping silence I resigned
    My friends would think I was a nut
    Turning water into wine
    Open doors would soon be shut

    So I went from day to day
    Tho' my life was in a rut
    'Till I thought of what I'd say
    Which connection I should cut

    I was feeling part of the scenery
    I walked right out of the machinery
    My heart going boom boom boom
    "Hey," he said, "grab your things, I've come to take you home."
    Yeah back home

    When illusion spin her net
    I'm never where I want to be
    And liberty she pirouette
    When I think that I am free

    Watched by empty silhouettes
    Who close their eyes, but still can see
    No one taught them etiquette
    I will show another me

    Today I don't need a replacement
    I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant
    My heart going boom boom boom
    "Hey," I said, "You can keep my things, they've come to take me home."


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