Monday, May 27, 2013

The Fairy Tale come True

Pam and I agreed last night about our experience with the SPIRIT, YOU/You and I, are like the two little girls in the The Fairy Tale, A true story, who believed in fairies. Like the two witnesses dead in the streets and trampled on by the nations. No one who truly loves escapes humiliation and without love we are nothing. We took off last week stopping in Monterey then to Santa Maria, Porterville, Bakersfield and then after finishing our work we decided to take the mountain path home through Glennville, Lone pine, Bishop Topaz then Gardnerville. We watched the fairy movie and found that it was our experience on this trip and how through the SPIRIT and love “we believe all things”. Between the fairy movie and the Victorian Grimoire were the words “willow, topaz, fairy, rodeo, fairy garden, and the things that attract the fey”.We now realize that the move we want to watch that is even now in the theater “EPIC” Which tells of the LEAF men that battle the Queen. (I am the Leaf,Tree,dnatree on the forums) 

Now to the humiliation that is love, for as we reached to know each other we unwittingly were led to the cross where YOU and I collide. If it is love, YOU and I will go on past the humiliation. 

What do I mean by this humiliation that IS love? The man with true intention of heart that does not save himself by attention to the law that keeps men dead, or the fears of loved ones, but rather by attention to the SPIRIT has been set free but he will collide with whom he loves and if the love is mutual he will want to fulfill her intentions so long as they are not born of fear. In this way there is no end to those whose love is true but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where the snake tells the those that want to hear a lie what seems right but is the beginning of death to relationship. This collision between YOU and I which is the cross is the path of those with true intent and those that want strict adherence to law rather than to know the heart are enemies of the this cross. Love will fulfill all scribbling which is the law. But of course without belief in SPIRIT a law is believed to be necessary but those that hate men such as the snake and the those hiding behind a veil create laws that reflect the hate they have for men and there is no law against the manipulation of those that use the law against the SPIRIT in those they hate

So I went walking and spoke to a friend and he spoke of his intention for memorial day and then he began to speak of Mermaids and how they have prove them are real and how interesting he found a program on a nature channel last night.. I then told him of my experience last night with the fairy tale and how the SPIRIT makes everything. true because of love. How we cannot say that the beliefs of another are not true for if they know the SPIRIT the SPIRIT will MAKE THEM RIGHT. In this way the SPIRIT through love BELIEVES ALL THINGS as the SPIRIT sanctifies them through the word that is the poetry of this life. 

The problem in a forum is there is no love like in a relationship where she has seen it and knows the SPIRIT is real in his life. But the SPIRIT can make it all right for those that believe.

Editing and writing synch

We were passing through Ragged point and I noticed a young lady editing a manuscript and I asked her about it. She said it was a book written for a 14 year old audience. A little later we pulled into a Starbucks and met another person editing a manuscript that was a thesis about education. A little later a fellow sat down that told me he was an investor and also a science fiction writer. Once we made it to Bakersfield I notice a man who was with his son and his grandson was in his son's arms. He gave his son a kiss in front of the grandson and I felt his intent. I spoke with him later and he told me he was a writer and gave me his card with his website on it. http://www.dsmilton.com/.

What folks call weaknesses in You, will be to You the power of God to lead You. No longer do we need to see our own weaknesses either(our attention to anything keeps it in our pie,) but we will only see the SPIRIT in whom we are complete.


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