Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Follow up on Lucky for Life

Hey, Leaf Man... 

My daughter and I finally went to see Epic tonight. :D 

Skiddish...that is a funny word...wonderful news about your dove.

Thank you for the trail of synchs...truly love to follow them.

This sunset is for all you leaf men... ;) It's been raining here all day, and on the way home the sun came out just in time to set. I rushed home to take a picture.

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I had just come from this video about South Dakota night skies and the words and music were swimming in my mind when I read your post..Great Experience, thanks for sharing that!. Thanks for that,,, I really mean it. The SPIRIT sent You this morning to soothe me.

I love this song "I forever" as the SPIRIT is so prevalent in the words.
when tradgedy unfurls it seems around the world washed upon the shore
and I soothe you, when all your hearts are broke, when everything you know is
dashed upon the rocks, I love you
I forever say goodnight
I forever lost inside
I forever light the light
and on and on

Pam and I had a wonderful day in Davis Ca. Yesterday and on the way home the lightning filled the sky in the distance and this music video reflects the romance with SPIRIT between YOU and I, 

Here are some words to go along with that sunset 
Just another day we never forget
Life takes a turn that we don't expect
One journey ends, another is set
And I have found you are my home

One day we're lost, another we're found
So hard to know which way's up or down
Somehow we land, feet back on the ground
And I have found you are my home

[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/you-are-my-h ... reary.html ]
Another day is done
Another setting sun
We have come home

So take my hand, their playing our song
All that we have will never be gone
One thing I know, though we travel on
Is I have found you are my home

One thing I know though we travel on
Is I have found you are my home


It's all perfect.. Don't stop me now!


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