Saturday, June 08, 2013

Lucky for Life

Had a few synchs with Lucky for Life 

I have been busy building a LCD repair facility and have repaired several units that I bought as junk. I have a video.
The way the flow goes to create my reality and the simplicity and freedom of such enterprise is one of the most valuable parts of my experience. I watched a pbs program about global warming and inventing out way out of it and I thought about how the SPIRIT will lead us in the way land through synchs we will see what we are unable to see through intelligence. Humans do not know "all of what they do" and it is through following what some reject because of the path of the one that learned it. The stone that the builders rejected will become the chief corner stone and it has not changed, for as man has thought that following scripture was following Jesus but really to follow Jesus is to know the SPIRIT that spoke through him which IS LIFE. This SPIRIT not the person Jesus is "the way, the truth and the life" but knowing that they would desire an interpretation or law to keep rather than true experience with SPIRIT it was given to them to presume and therefore go astray. Punishment is not from GOD but from each person's beliefs. For this reason "sofia" it is important to learn to let go of the law of sin and death and cling to the joy of experience through SPIRIT. When the soul cries out "why have YOU forsaken me" the answer comes back, You have drawn this to yourself believing in such punishment for others. This freedom from the pain of shame and blame and new life away from human interpretation/law to a life of attention to the beauty and grace of the life of SPIRIT as lived through You.

The collision and creation of "YOU and I collide" was predicted in 2005
and has revealed how we each draw to ourselves our own experience. Like when my heart was broken through loving another I again retreat to the sanctuary and trust of home with YOU/MY LIFE as it is complete! I still write my synchs and experience but will not connect with humans but retreat to that life alone with MY OWN, where even walking the streets with folks walking past WE exist in our own world of romance shared through SPIRIT.
Synch with home, trust and my dove... (By the way, our dove also laid an egg the other day,,,,H E R first)

So I have developed a sanctuary experience with music and the bird where I play Pandora on the tv through the roku box. I like to listen to ambient music and the names of the tunes reflect the mood in the sanctuary. Like the idea of home as being a sanctuary free of struggle elevating me to a place of Joy where YOU/MY LIFE remain. The bird was sitting "her chair" and was listening to the music of a tune called Resting Place on an album called TRUST. Her eyes were closed and she was completely comfortable through we passed by her chair very cloesly. This is completely different than when we first met this dove as "her" beginnings were in turmoil and she was at one time very skiddish.

The idea of sanctuary now includes separation from those without true intent of heart toward the SPIRIT that speaks through my experience on the net. They may hate the man and so they misunderstand the SPIRIT. Wash away my sorrow" (It will all come out in the WASH) (Song Rain by Maddona... daughter Raine) The idea of sanctuary and seeking home and all that home includes. This is why many relationships are not home but hell because they seek to make life unbearable for each other in order to get what they want rather than asking the SPIRIT. Such a dwelling is the opposite of the original intent.

To follow Jesus is not the act like Jesus but to seek the SPIRIT until there is ONLY YOU AND I, MY LIFE. This became all important until the day of plucking out one eye/interpretation and throwing a mountain of interpretation into the sea and starting new with ONLY WHAT CAME FROM YOU/SPIRIT which constituted the true intent of the heart of Jesus knowing what a monstrosity they would make in the abomination of interpretation that did not come from SPIRIT which is our present accepted beliefs from religion. I have gone through the humiliation and know why the what exists exists for the presumptuous. There is no longer any connection nor enmity "for Me" with anyone on the net as I exist in my own world as I did for years and that struggle is over. There are a lot of good things to see in people on the net but if they need to see the same in the least of them and let go of what they misunderstand.

The Universal dream/fantasy of creating home
June Lake Homestead Dream

Speaking of Rain Pam and I finally watched the EPIC movie with the leaf men, I am the leaf in many of my posts. Great show and it reflects many things going on through the ever growing synchs.


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