Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yacht Club and our ongoing dream of experiencing the delta

Pam and I often spend evenings at Garlic Brothers as this past post indicates and we dream of boating the Delta. For some time we have also dreamed of going to the yacht club across from Garlic Brothers. Soon I was to find out that I already knew a friend that ran the yacht club and we were invited last night to enjoy dinner and meet some really great people. During my many walks I pass by my friend Rob's house and we talk about electronics and hobbies and of course synchs. Soon we began to share ideas and I was able to find a monitor that could be modified for his RV helicopter viewing screen. As we talked about these hobbies I found out that he was an officer at the yacht club and we were invited to the Friday dinner. Many a time Pam and I sat at Garlic Brothers and dreamed of meeting and sharing delta experiences with some folks over there and last night was the beginning of our adventure on the delta which I feel will evolve toward this summer.

I love the way the coincidences work to connect in so many right ways with folks on the journey!

Darling sharp stone in my shoe. Would the person that at one time attacked me and a synch happened that revealed something that I don't even really know please understand that you did it to yourself. If you intend to trap someone and you get yourself trapped,,, deal with it as this struggle is only revealing more about your character. I don't know what you want (Your PM's differ dramatically from Your public posts) and I post what the moment says and what I have learned from your similar experiences, that is all. Just because I don't post what you want (so you can carry out a plan) please understand that my stance is because of a pattern of attacking. If I am going to post, I have to say the context as to why I would even respond to someone who in every past experience has only sought to manipulate appearances. Your angry at Yourself not me. Just do us all a favor and let go of it. I will not be led again into another fiasco to satiate your manipulating habit, I trusted You when You asked me to. PS, if there is something that got posted on my site that disturbs you then ONCE AGAIN, GIVE ME THE FRIGGING WEB ADDRESS YOU WANT REMOVED. I mean you no malice like you do toward me. If I am misunderstanding your intentions then PM me and tell me who the hell you really are and what your problem really is. You are the aggressor and I have only posted what came up in the moment.


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