Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How the SPIRIT helped me start new in the midst of a storm

Walking to the grocery store after reading different things here and in other threads

So as You saw what has been going on with the synchs You have begun to create with your old patterns and now You find You have created this storm and You want to take Your eyes off the storm and see only what SPIRIT has for You that will take You away from seeing the storm. But You also want to trust that SPIRIT will shelter You from the storm as when You are with SPIRIT there is perfect peace. Our experience over the years should have fixed that in Your heart if You will allow it. You want to jolt to a place of joy so You let the storm pass over You and become the very altar of what is on You heart. For me it was to turn and begin to dream tomorrow morning that YOU/SPIRIT meet me and give me something fresh to take my heart away from the fear of my own past intentions and beliefs. I wanna get empty ready for what YOU have for me tomorrow. My life is now given to YOU/SPIRIT that You might mold my intentions. I began to have synch with dreaming not only the morning, but the springtime to come. And of the freshness after the storm. I would stop thinking and give begin to feel, cause I know how I want to feel. In my heart I got down as if I was the table upon which was placed those things YOU/SPIRIT give to me that I might dreamy drift butu. I don't know if You are getting my drift but it's gonna be now or never right and the SPIRIT is even now at the door when You are in the storm. I am here to pass on all that the SPIRIT did for me.

But,,,,,Like I learned from Lilyhammer and the Yukon survival synchs
If You have a problem with any of this,,,,,, it is not me that You have misunderstood, so take it up with the RICH MAN/SPIRIT!!



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