Friday, March 21, 2014

Questions on Propheciesonline

A lot of posts on propheciesonline are about whether to interpret or wait on the SPIRIT. I had posted this and then saw that some on the forum would be offended so I decided to only give it to whom it may benefit.

So it also is written that you should not suffer a harlot to live but when they were stoning a woman caught in adultery Jesus said let those that have no sin throw the first stone. The book says many things, but the SPIRIT says that he that walks with true intention of heart and whose attention is only on the SPIRIT is MADE RIGHT not because of the law, but because of his what SPIRIT does through him. Those that love the letter/law are under the letter/law and will be accountable because they believe it is so. But those that learn from the SPIRIT find the purpose of the law fulfilled in them by the SPIRIT. Like in Timothy it is said that the law is for murderers and those that willfully would break the law. But faith in the SPIRIT fulfills the law through the action of the SPIRIT in our lives. The whole purpose of scripture was to tell the story and make believers in SPIRIT and then the story is made new in your experience. Forget interpreting the book as to whether it says you can do this or that, but first seek diligently the SPIRIT (with true intention of heart) for with the flesh it is impossible though the world and the fearful demand we comply with their interpretation the SPIRIT will fulfill their demands through You. This was what Jesus was saying, but he also knew the presumptuous would interpret and be the first to tell You what is right. Therefore they are caught in a net.

Once You have found the source of truth in the SPIRIT forget the book as the letter is meant to lead to death and the law cannot be kept by trying but only the SPIRIT can fulfill the true intentions of the law through You. Therefore, we die to trying to figure out the law and the book and give our entire attention to the SPIRIT, remembering that the SPIRIT prepares us for what we encounter. So should those not born of the SPIRIT have any idea the original intentions of the heart of Jesus, and since so many have worked to interpret in the millenia since the SPIRIT spoke through him how can we say anything without true experience with SPIRIT?

The SPIRIT has shown through many experiences seeking ONLY YOU/MY LIFE that the smallest of points overlooked by all who would interpret will render all the interpretations meaningless and cause many to desire the mountains to fall on them because they were presumptuous.

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