Thursday, March 20, 2014

To YOU/You that loved me

To YOU/You that loved me
What a man truly is would break his own heart 
(But YOU/You loved me)
Especially as it effects those he truly loves
But words don't suffice, only the SPIRIT can reach You
Those that hate me look for something that can be  misunderstood, "now I have got You"
He too does not know what he is doing
But it is perfect to reach him to the heart
He wants what You want especially when it is mutual

You let him reach You, even though it broke your heart
And what we now share is because of that true intent

The SPIRIT makes the desires of the heart perfect

What is necessary to reach you
is what is to be experienced
In my loneliness, in my bewilderness
through my broken heart,,,, YOU came.

SPIRIT revealed how to dream it perfect 
but the two must have mutual intent


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