Wednesday, May 21, 2014


My Intentions, things happening on the board, what is happening in my family among those who love each other,,all these things brings to mind an experience with SPIRIT I called Heartachoke

Speaking to the Heart of things
Pam and I both felt it when they started to talk on Huel Howser’s California Gold when his guest started talking about the heart of the Canoe. When I observed how the Spirit communicated between Pam and I even though we had had separate experiences that day but still we were open to the Spirit and what the moment wanted to share with each of us. In fact then we began to find this in our other experiences that day.

My experience with "loved ones" (family) has been interesting lately. After the family had a falling out and the feeling of

I don’t want to proceed without waiting for the SPIRIT
I feel a quite desperation which is a point this new creature does not proceed from

Then family recognized this and things began to turn around

Everyone recognized that we must start with SPIRIT and in one day everything changed and began to work again. It was a good exercise in recognizing where to start.

Then yesterday the SPIRIT began to speak to me and Pam "through our love for each other and family" about how to make the mutual intent of finding home work.

Pam, who has been afraid of leaving the comfort of home in California got her message while at Jury Duty reading the paper about climate change and when/if the ice sheet breaks off in the antartic that the valley of California may be no more, at the same moment Nasa in Florida is talking about their liftoff pads being underwater at the same moment she read this,, she began to see that she would not be in a hole, but that the place we may be going is very close to wonderful things we both want to see.

I also began to have synchs with accepting guns and my conservative side of my family such as my brother John. Mom has been dreaming of herself as sort of a Annie Oakley character because her whole life she has been married and never had a dream of her own. So I have been playing with the idea.

So like my earlier post I found this program about New Mexico and the lightning off in the distance and they were singing "Le Colores" at a campfire and this was so me,,, yet the guy was very much into guns which yall know I always say there is something "better than a bullet" but MY LIFE wants to sanctify this intent so that "my own" will know where I am coming from and we can be closer. Not that anything is "right" but that the SPIRIT can make anything right. So in the SPIRIT of LOVE and acceptance I want to see the good in these things and in these whom I love and play down the negative and I would ask that those that interact with me also do the same. Through the SPIRIT and MUTUAL INTENT everyone can fit even as they are. The point is that we no longer need to say "this is right" or "that is wrong" but the SPIRIT is able to create a place where all things can exist in harmony. We just need to stop our brains from Judging (Pam's synch with Jury Duty) others because we think this way is right and allow the SPIRIT to show us the world is designed for all things joined through love.

Anthony Bourdain New Mexico (Guns, Open Space, Lightning, Singing, Dressing up like Annie Oakley,,, It had everything, and it is on netflix)

Heart, Crown, Related Synchs


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