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The Power to Reach You, Finding True Treasure

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The power to reach You, Finding True Treasure


Before leaving for Pensacola via New Orleans I fantasized about communicating with my father as we walked on the beach.
I remembered all the synchronicities I had had over the years about how they would know the true intent of my heart and experience communication via the spirit even without the use of words as I had found was possible. I saw in my synchs concerning this mutual communication and understanding that the events that happen as we walked together would be in sink with the spirit and communication that we shared. As Pam and I had synchs and were speaking of fragments that fit together and contain the whole picture such as the article I wrote concerning “the Leaf” on The Asylum.us http://www.stephentree.com/tleaf/ we then heard on AM coast to coast about the old text fragments that bring to light such things as were lost. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2006/10/23.html . As we spoke I told Pam that I felt that my father would speak of this subject and sure enough as we were driving in the car my father indeed began to speak on the subject and I said to him that I had written down in my book that he would bring up this subject so we stopped the car and I got my notebook and looked up where I had written this.DNA, sentence, fragments, cells/multiple, redundant, copies, lends to a rebuild, resurrection, am coast to coast, old text, reboot, the leaf and the photo magnetism, the forest and the one cell/seed.

So as we walked I began to speak again to my father about my intentions that synchronicity harmonize what we experience in our beach walk with what we have synchronistic conversation about and then I began to speak of the metal detector as an extension of ourselves. And how we posses systems within our bodies that very much like our sense of smell which is the most powerful memory inducer that we had systems that could tell that things are in our reality or vicinity without seeing them. And that with proper intentions we could program ourselves to be that sensitive. The number of synchronous experiences with my father during this visit were very abundant on this trip and as my intention to be understood by loved ones as I had dreamed for years was happening all around me both with parents and my children. We also spoke of “looking for my life” in the form of synchronicities with objects and words and that such experiences when motivated by “true intent of heart” leads to a treasure of moments with spirit.

Writings coming soon:
The scarecrow and the cross, the fear of death, and the fearful are caught in a net.

Getting my feet wet, story of my experience in New Orleans before going to see my father. I slept like a vagrant “under a house”as many do there (in New Orleans) as tornadoes were in the area and a storm passed through (pouring rain)

Spongebob contemplates his origins while looking out at the sea.

My dad had his near death experience on Christmas 2007 He lived 2 more years
Raine's Mom had hers on Thanksgiving 2011 Still Living
My Mom Was rushed to the hospital the day before her birthday Sept 2014
Each story is related to Reaching You


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