Saturday, February 11, 2017

The person controlling them through manipulation and the Valentine

Something the synch tonight wants me to pay attention to was made clear through a movie about the Ninth Life of Louis Drax how it was the same person all along manipulating. Also made me see who it was manipulating the family member to take the money in the Dutch story. And then that means that there is someone else manipulating in the Trump story. There will be more on this soon.

 I also found the Valentine and reposted it yesterday.


Valentine's Day has a very special meaning to me, for on that first Valentine's day after starting my life new with YOU. You see I was alone and could not trust a person at the time but YOU were there for me and YOU taught me how things come and fit and now it is YOU that keeps it all going.
So it is that same.....

I found that that was what FIT because if I put Pam or my children first then YOU took them away from me so that I could learn what will truly take care of them is YOU. Now I give it to YOU that YOU will reach them, that YOU would keep them and that YOU UPHOLD my life through this dream which it turns out is more important than substance. Spirit is More important than substance. Hard to understand without loosing all and then finding YOU. When I speak of YOU, the YOU I am referring to turned out to be all of You. For when I was alone speaking to YOU and having the experiences with YOU alone it turned out that I would be speaking to my children.
Happy Valentine's day to YOU/You.


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