Friday, February 03, 2017

Disregard them as attention to their con gives them power, place all attention on SPIRIT

Don't waste your time with this White House Administration

As the synchs predicted they won't hear you and it is their intention not to. It is more profitable for them to intentionally misunderstand and move their agenda forward. As with the two cases the synchs revealed before this election that such a manipulating con situation would be coming and that it would seem like there is nothing you can do. (Impassable Way) Welcome to the spiritual world of being despitefully used. Don't get mad at them but rather realize SPIRIT has done this to you because You could not be reached otherwise.
Like these synchs
The first was a person who intended to use the courts in a manner the law did not intend in order to use appearances against me. Each word that I did say was intentionally used against me in the manner it was not intended and this person knew that. When I realized I could not fight it I put all my attention on what the synchs were saying which was leading me to a life of SPIRIT. Attention to the problem just made it bigger as the person intended to use everything in a manner it was not intended for PROFIT.

Then there was the Con Man that married my somewhat handicapped sister and though the will of our mother said what she was to do with the money she was ENTRUSTED WITH he was able to convince her that that did not matter and that your mother made a mistake and put you on the account meaning you can legally steal the money which they did. They would have gotten the land as well if I had not reached my other brothers and sisters about the truth. This is another reason why I am reaching You as well. For as with this man I knew that the synchs were saying that a con was coming which was like these two and the intentional way they disregard You is because they do not love they are after profit. I have a large file of con experiences with this which led to the prediction and will be useful for those who love this country and want to know what is really going on,

Therefore, join us in what the SPIRIT had planned for this time when it was created as early as 1993 in order to reach millions. Disregard them as attention to anything gives it power. Turn your attention to the synchs related to SPIRIT and the intention born in 1993 with DNATREE AS IT WILL REACH YOU.

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