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When the Levee Breaks

This is a old post that was written in 2008 and I think it will become relevant soon. I am inspired to post it because of this news story.

Hole in tallest U.S. dam grows, officials say no threat of failure

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When the Levee breaks

Flood of Hearts

I began to feel like I needed to get into sanctuary, I felt a little uneasy, I needed to sort out the emotions from my latest experiences "getting lost". The world would misunderstand what I was feeling, only YOU, my life could understand because YOU KNOW ME. As I began to look for a safe place to spend my moments the "Windy Moon" synchs and the "Rock of my Salvation" synchs began. Pam and I pulled off a road and found a beautiful road to walk on, she began to have "when the levee breaks" at the same time I began to have "flood of hearts" synchs, but it was getting late and the folks on that road seemed to be weary of us walking their canyon. We went further and we were on the top of a mountain near San Simeon Yesterday and there was this pulloff and a huge rock was there so I pulled off. We stepped out of the car and the wind was brisk, first on direction, then the other like the movement of a butterfly. Pam's hair was lifted straight up first one direction then the other.

Then we saw it, the full moon was about to rise and we knew this was the place. The synchs made all the lost feelings disappear and the knowing I was in the right place with YOU replaced it. As we watched the moon rise the moonlight filled the canyon. And strange lines began to form to the right of the moon and then move over under the moon to form such a picture as this.

The heavy emotions that I carried in a layer of my being that I could not even tell which layer were blown away in a fresh way. Each time I experience this it is in a fresh way, in a way I do not exspect. It is important that I am taken in a way I do not exspect as if I knew whence the theif came I would be ready in a way that would not allow what needs to be taken. The thief takes, but the friend replaces that empty space with love.

When I get back I will post the pics of the rock and place and moon.
Many layers involved here.


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