Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Further synchs with words will not reach you.

The synchs with the coming fire so hot are continuing this week and "the sound" deafening sound.

The synchs reveal why no one will reach them and why it will be as in the days of Noah, as everyone especially those in religion have a veil over their eyes that will be melted in a second come that great fire. But until the end they will hate you and demand you worship their ideology instead of the SPIRIT. It is actually this arrogance that will cause the rash decision that leads to the end for most.

I could not reach them, but I must live the life that is possible with the SPIRIT as what we do now echoes into our future. Those without SPIRIT and with ideology have chosen a future without YOU/SPIRIT and do not know what this means.

Coming fire, so hot it will melt the veil separating (over the edge July 1 2016 starting at 15:00) Your sitting there in your presumption you have chosen this for yourself. I want this presumption melted from this planet. And those hearing these words and believing because of ideology are the most lost without SPIRIT, especially fundamental Christianity without SPIRIT and Islam with their hate and ideology too. These two self right and what happens to them will reveal to those living that such self rightness only leads to separation and DEATH. The end of the presumptuous woman who's ideology makes her believe she is right is the greatest block to SPIRIT on this planet.

If the presumptuous that have rejected SPIRIT and what happens to them would speak volumes to others.
Link Better than a bullet (Perfect Love/SPIRIT)

Such as was said of those that will not hear that what happens to them would speak better than a bullet.
Hearts will Break

The fire so hot

The sound

The end of the presumptuous woman

I am so angry at the forums and news associations as well as the government that will not allow you to hear this. More angry than I was with Kim Jung il as these too have set their presumption above the SPIRIT. http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2011/09/north-korea.html


30 yrs of intention to reach you


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