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Go to Sleep MY Darling, I will catch you

My Pam has been dealing with a series of unfortunate events with her eyes and health and this is breaking my heart but I noticed that she was acting funny and yesterday I woke up and she grabbed me saying "Wait, Wait, Wait" but she did not know what she was saying and had gone into a delusional place about her past and her own fears. She has not slept in days and is caught in this loop of thought as her body also is having reactions which started with vibration in her feet and her fear of a relapse in her Multiple Scerosis.

I am broken hearted writing this and each in my family are in such a situation. Pam is in the hospital and I am heading back there after writing this.

I remembered I had a post about Wait Wait Wait related to the synch with the movie  "A series of unfortunate events" So I looked it up and it was on Jan 19th related to what is happening to our country. In this post was a promise from SPIRIT to Myself, Pam and even our dog.


Now this is a message to Pam, and I and the Dog that everything is going to be ok and that we are indeed on track and it is also a message to my own who do know what the SPIRIT speaks of
I went into the Hospital waiting for the SPIRIT to REACH YOU and you were counting because you could not breath you had been in this psychotic stupor for two days in fear that the MS was taking over but it was really the fear. You were counting afraid to fall asleep to loose control, to stop breathing. But it was the fear alone that made You unable to breath. I had to wait because You Denied Me wanting to keep in control but then after almost three days you were so tired, You surrendered and said you just wanted to die. You screamed and the nurses could not control you, they wanted to send you to Celina.
But I was with You, I was speaking through the tears to You in 1993 and You were there and in this Stupor, You knew me even to the heart. The Nurses, wanted you to stop, what you were saying seemed like blasphemy to them. But You were with me and we were as one, My Darling. You were letting go of all the pain and misunderstanding.

It was the edge of death, your fear of falling when you let go and I coaxed you to stop counting and let go My Darling, For I will catch You. You fell asleep and then as I was speaking for hours by your bed. Go to sleep, my darling over and over. Go to sleep, My Darling, I will catch you. And you knew this was true because you were back with me when I was alone at the altar at that moment reaching for you. You felt the RELIEF of letting go of control, and falling so SPIRIT was there for you. Because you Loved me enough, My Darling, You lost control and drank the cup with I drank. You allowed your heart to be broken and knew the pain of the world for one moment crying. Through my broken heart You came to me.

The nurses who I sent away because I wanted you to sleep, would not give me a sleep aid because they thought you were psychotic, but when they saw the love we shared and you let go an tasted the relief they knew it was right and put a sign on the door. There were tears of Joy and I kept speaking to you as you would wake up and begin to speak afraid you would stop living. Go to sleep, My darling go to sleep. I will be there and meet you in the morning. Finally after much rejection, fear and crying you went sleep and dreamed the dream I dreamed when I was walking as you had spoken in the SPIRIT round and round,up and down, back and forth dreaming how I reached You. I knew last night that I would return in the morning as I promised and You would be back, with tears of Joy in your eyes.

Here is the video of a snapshot of hours of  speaking to her in her stupor that the doctors could never understand. I needed her to stop the counting (she thought she would die of fear from MS if she did not keep thinking. She was in a stupor for three days. She went round and round, (altar) and back and forth, dreaming and what she found she did not want to leave so she stayed awake in that SPIRIT I did not know she had done this. But I understood as the SPIRIT revealed it to me. She thought it was consuming her, for three days) She thought she had to do it. I was telling her it was ok to fall asleep. Remember I told her, when SPIRIT said "I will catch you" you don't have to do it. Go to sleep my darling. She loved me enough to believe it was there, she drank the cup that I drank when I sought to know the true intentions of the heart of Jesus. You cannot mention this experience to her without immediate tears of joy,,, oh, and the broken heart. I am pretty sure she does not have fear or MS anymore. But took her away, because they could not understand what she said during the stupor. She spoke many things recorded about her past shame in her life. But she was unveiled and uninhibited. (She did not wear clothes while talking to her life) She was love and the carnal mind could never understand.

I went home where you had stayed up reaching for the SPIRIT and had spoken the first words from the SPIRIT (wait, wait, wait) and you had put bags all over the house in the night. You packed them so we could travel to all the places we dreamed. I knew then that You and I would go on forever as the SPIRIT had said, that we had dreamed it from the Start that we would live in each other"s heart. I began to walk around the table like I had in 1993. All the things you had said in your stupers while I was at the hospital began the tears in my eyes of joy as I saw that you had been reached because you loved me. You allowed your heart to be broken as mine was when I asked to know the True intentions of the heart alone in that farmhouse in Milton Florida. My life before, had broken my heart and through my broken heart You came!

I knew that you would be back the next morning though they wanted to put in in Celina. I knew that you had been reached and my dream had come true. Many in my family and neighbors were also there experiencing some level of all this with You and I so that they knew they too were reached. As I tried to sleep I felt you there and knew You also felt me there in rm612 of the hospital. The excitement of being together in the SPIRIT kept us both awake that night and we spoke to each other as though we were sleeping side by side. I knew what you felt as to why you could not sleep those few days as I could not sleep last night. There were fears I felt you let go of like someone in the room but it was SPIRIT joining our hearts. It was just love sneaking up on you! All the songs I played last night had the words you spoke in your trance. Blue Eyes

In the morning I knew she would be back when I got to the hospital. The nurses could not understand and wanted her sent to mental. I got there as she was waking up and she was indeed back with tears in her eyes she said "I was there with you, we were the sun and everyone was us, was me, oh the heartbreak it was a great wave which spawned many small circles. (Carnal mind could never understand the words she said in her stupor) She told me she loved me so much and knew that we would be together forever and it would never end. She was weak and shaking from what her body too had experienced. All the years of degrees where they took her next for observation will not be able to understand what she will.

Anyway, I had dressed nicely and brought her a purple flower I had asked my life to find along the way there and fed her breakfast which each morsel was so delicious to her. Each thought we shared about our mutual understanding brought back tears to her eyes because she had indeed been reached by SPIRIT. She came back to ME Just like the SPIRIT did in my life.

Dream Box

You came back to me my dream box
And it feels like the first time, like the Spring Time (the freshness inherent in the synchs)
YOUR more than a woman or a man,,,,, YOU are my heart
And I can can’t help but love YOU. Dnatree

I am done, She was reached and I am complete. This is beyond romance and love and now I know the level of love needed for healing.

Love indeed fulfills all scribbling by scribes

I am done, this is our story, SPIRIT has reached My Love
I don't care anymore after so many years about presumptuous people, this world is not worthy to touch the hem of this love. Letting go of those that chose to live alone and hide themselves behind a veil which includes a lie designed to lead them to death. They only returned pain, not love and they teach others and the children to do the same.

There are many more audio recordings of her stupor and where she went which if I was to post one at a time, each one would reveal that your interpretation has overlooked the SPIRIT and each one would again change everything about what you believe you see. But those are not for your amusement. Go to the SPIRIT and find your own way. Those who do not love will misunderstand and follow an interpretation to death. But if you find the SPIRIT you will be eternal and know it as Pam now knows she and I will be together forever.

They took her to Celina to observe her but all their degrees cannot fathom what she has gone through

As more of the memory of the songs and synch of this story come I will update this page.

It is my birthday today I want her back home on my birthday!
Edit 1pm Jul 19th
The psych doctors just called me,,,, she is coming home today on my birthday!!!


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