Sunday, August 06, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the heart 
As we went for our walk I was very much into whatever might come to help me to say what I need to say. As I walked I noticed that Pam lingered behind me. Soon I turned to find she was crying. The moment indicated there was nothing to say, but only to hold her while she cried. Pam’s son was leaving within a month for Chicago with his fiance and just the other day Pam had wanted to really connect with her family but she failed terribly and felt humiliated in front of her son. As she cried and I held her I noticed the tree behind her was full of humming birds. When she regained herself I told her about all the hummingbirds behind her. When she turned only a few were visible and when she turned away many came out again. I knew it was the veil of pain that was keeping her from seeing “this moment”. I remembered the moment YOU were there for me during that great humiliation and the freshness of starting new with YOU. Just as Jesus said “why have YOU forsaken me” in that moment of pain and humiliation so I came to know that it was I that hid myself. When I remembered not to let myself be clouded by the pain I came to recognize “this moment”. 
So YOU reminded me in that moment “Now if ever Your heart is broken again to remember THIS MOMENT” 
When one person is going away I have often noticed that such an event occurs. I think it is love, like “therefore I must break Your heart” out of love that the Spirit might be heard. Thinking misunderstands, but wait and what does the Spirit say to You. Just like the humiliation of the cross which was the reason Jesus portrayed “I must go away” so it is that the Spirit left religion a long time ago. For as Jesus told the closest to him,,, even You will deny me in that moment. As everyone that experienced the truth from life and would ever try to convey it would be humiliated. That does not mean we want what is free to do, but if You shame someone they cannot hear to learn from the Spirit the truth that would lead to what You cannot get by the weakness of the law. That is why they were left with only an interpretation that could not be understood without the Spirit. 

I asked to understand the true intentions of the heart and what I learned cannot be learned from words or an interpretation. 
It was once written: Because of the hardness of their hearts they were given the law. 
And: At the reading of the law a veil came over all their eyes. 
If You could allow humiliation without shame because they do not know the true intention of the heart,,, then by not having the shame they intend that would keep You feeling the way THEY want You to feel, then You can be focused on the moment and the synch in order to know the truth. If Your attention is taken by shame and pain then You are not where the moment can bless You with the truth. 
The movie 
Spinning the butter is the movie in the background and the minority student could not stay because of the shame of misunderstanding of constant misunderstanding. 



Tonic Water synch
Really cool synch in a town that did not have tonic water anywhere. I had bought some for a need of Pam's but it had sugar in it and that would not do. I went into the dollar general asking about diet tonic water and they said they do not sell any tonic water. The Indian lady (Kay) standing there said.. "oh that is on my list to get." I told her I had gotten some but it would not do so she could have it. This started a wonderful friendship for Pam and I with Kay yesterday. She came over and we talked for hours.


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