Monday, October 16, 2017

Pattern in the Wilderness, Ending the Enmity

Pattern in the wilderness and it is time to understand how everything is connected.
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Men and the divide with women/ Weinstein and men are blocked from the process life has for them and are required by humans to follow interpretation over SPIRIT therefore they cannot learn the ways of SPIRIT related to passion. In fact it is against the law. The law which keeps men in shame and blame related to sex. If they knew the truth about how life draws exactly as you believe they would go through a baptism of understanding through sex and play, leading to knowing the true intentions of the heart and to why they feel the way they feel. Then once they learn, a partner can be baptized into their experience. The jolt that takes one away from fear. Of course you will misunderstand and probably intend to, but soon everything will change, and those hiding their shame will be those that blame.

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