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My flames of passion

September 17, 2014

The Miracle that carries us through the Storm!

So the synch last night was anger, so much anger that if you don't let go of it then it will kill you. Such a broken heart it was that to remain in it was certain death.

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 It was not even wanting to defend myself but leaving that to YOU. In place of searching out what I should have to defend myself I used It like fasting in that every time a pain of this person I was so close to every time I looked at what she was doing and thought about what I should do to prove that was what she was doing, instead I used it to remind me to go into the bewilderness (atmosphere conducive to synchronicity), it did not matter if I died except that I find my answer from YOU. For when the person closest to you causes such pain it reaches to the heart and leads to a death of sorts and a new way of feeling, I had to change or I would have died. So the way that I had learned to focus my mind on the synchronicities and intentions of the heart for the first twelve years of learning from spirit through synchronicity was written on my heart by this heart shattering experience. But the clarity of heart and the ability to draw what the heart wants. (not as man thinks, as the heart wonders and believes)Synchronicity and the reality of YOU, my life was greatly amplified by this temptation or period of my life. To which now when I agree with anyone in the spirit, so it done by the first cell. 
Experiences that lead to synchronicity and wonder. 

Then this morning Eagle wrote on propheciesonline
For anger can destroy the brain as well as any disease. For it is itself a disease of the mind! 

#EdgarCayce reading 3510-1
So I suppose what I experienced last night was a reflection in the shared mind of what a lot are feeling so that I would post my intentions from years ago to reach you about it.

I knew yesterday that so many have felt similar loss and pain (in order to reach you to the heart)
I have had so many things happen that have worked lately and helped me and then one loss yesterday led to a feeling of anger that I had not felt since back in 1993. I had to focus on what SPIRIT had given me in order to not feel the anger/loss or I would just keep experiencing that loss/pain more.  Let me use this Rumi poem to

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"And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" (Rev. 6:10)

For so my soul cried and my anger burned up the sky
My heart is on fire
In my madness I roam the desert
The flames of my passion
devour the wind and the sky
My cries of longing
My wails of sorrow
Are tormenting my soul
You wait patiently
Looking into my intoxicated eyes
You accept my passion
with the serenity of Love
You are the Master of Existence
One day I shall be a Lover like You 

I feel the loss and Pain in Key West this morning as I write this.

Here is the Anger synch

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The synchs with the Nazi Salute started in March 15 2016

September 18th 2016 synch with UN
My experience today which aligns with my intention to reach those in my country/family. Well today Pam and I watched "London has fallen" and that was about when all the representatives from different countries were to meet in London and then the terror attacks occured there. Well then we turned to news and about the explosion in NYC which I had heard about but this time I picked up on the words "on the eve of all the delegates meeting there in NY" and feel this may be a synch relative to the movie.
Pam said she saw only the "Shadow of a raccoon"
And this post about the UN and the "Path"So I felt this connection after watching  "London has fallen" and then the London Mayor who is Pakistani ethnic then seemed to validate the synch and then this news today.New York Beefs Up Police Presence Due to Bombing, UN General Assembly MeetingThen the word Path became a synch also related to this yesterday and several times today.The Path of Khan
Path was a synch all day and then this ad about a movie
Angels and Demons, Path of illumination
Also walking the Byrd
______________________________________________Everyone thinks that they see better than the SPIRIT in all of this and many want to judge the messenger but what is coming will show that everyone was wrong. Even now many think that contrived love would do things differently and therefore they feel that these things that the SPIRIT is "ALLOWING" in order to "Reach You" is not good, but they do not see that it is more important than anything in this life that YOU BE REACHED at this time in reality. Because all the theories that believe we should do things that are comprehendable do not see past the horizon for if they did they would begin to intend to reach their loved ones too! Consider if your mind through some interpretation is causing you to deny the truth about the need for SPIRIT in our decisions. And rather seek to know HOW have that greater vision through knowing and hearing SPIRIT. Your intentions block the SPIRIT because you do not want to believe you need that for that is why You chose to live alone without the SPIRIT helping. One overlooked point can change everything so that you see what you have overlooked. Seek to know the SPIRIT for the interpretations further block this by presumption.

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Synchs once again of assassination watching Julius Caesar play in the park

Mountain's Stream
They who demanded a law and use it against others in a manner it was not intended were sent a deluding influence which is right under everyone's nose yet because of they love a lie they cannot see it is a lie. The truth was the SPIRIT was setting everyone up who loves interpretation and denies SPIRIT.


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