Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Help reach America!

The predictions the SPIRIT gave DNATREE revealed years ago about the Hurricanes, (Irene, Katrina, ) Stock MarketRussian manipulation and attacks on our society and about the coming separation that is the Trump administration those under the hat and the GOP Humiliation as well as the lies and use of the office in a manner it was not intended. (The predictions reveal the true intentions of the heart of Trump.)  Also the predictions about the passion, the presumption, the fire between you and I, 

(Be sure to click on all the links to learn the reality of what is being posted here)

The humiliation is growing as predicted for those that know of all these predictions and those that conspired against the tree, and want to "intentionally misunderstand" or are ashamed of the SPIRIT. This includes the forum members of Theology Forums (2002), Prophecies.us, Oroborus.us, and Propheciesonline.com AND the news agencies that have been given these posts over the years as well as those in other countries that use this blog. Because they knew of this and know that it will continue to get worse until the country is reached by this message. (See Stone in path) They don't need to know about me, but about the SPIRIT that is overlooked and the misunderstanding of interpretation. This is the message of the SPIRIT since the beginning "Let Go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me."

Therefore I/life break Your heart that You might become passionate about what is truly life that lives beyond death. 


DNATREE: Kim Jong Predictions

ST. Patrick's Day 

I am in Clover


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