Saturday, September 01, 2018

Orange believes he is USING

Orange believes he is USING the hate of the white far right and the beliefs of the Evangelicals to do his bidding and when he has reached his goal he will also offend them because of the "True Intentions of his Heart" just as Dutch used my sister and then divorced her a year later. This is how the synchronicity spelled out that he too is using the right. But this leader leading astray is being used to reach them to the heart, because they would not hear in order to reach them. The Smallest of Points he has overlooked will use what he does in a way he did not intend and to his end. Hey, this was all predicted. You condemn yourself by rejecting SPIRIT. Not the words I speak, but by not seeking SPIRIT to know what is and what is not.

Do not fight them, SPEAK your truth, but do not fight them. They intend violence in order to use the law in a manner it was not intendedRather wait for the SPIRIT!

Each person is accusing another and without the SPIRIT they all are condemned. The SPIRIT leads you to what is real, Jesus himself said "I did not come to bring peace, but the sword" and that is because he knew how they would interpret him. The very worst hate is as the fake love that is not from SPIRIT but from interpretations of men/snakes/ and women that WILL NOT understand the true intentions of the heart but demand you follow their fear, such as is taught children. Just wait they too will be condemned and then who will forgive whom have not forgiven, especially when they wanted profit.

It was offered to them to focus on the true intention of the heart but they chose to condemn
men without ever themselves having testosterone flow through their veins. Haha, they believed the snakes that lied to them and then did exactly what they condemned others for. Haha These are the very worst who lift up the interpretations women want in order to please women and not SPIRIT.

The one condemns the next who condemns the next and in this way all have condemned themselves why their own presumption without SPIRIT. This is how the enemies of SPIRIT are flushed out.

Teaching love without learning from SPIRIT how two lovers are synchronized by SPIRIT is impossible, so their love is nothing. Or without having the synergy of SPIRIT working in our lives. Take the synergy of SPIRIT away and you are dead, that is love, the forgiveness of SPIRIT that you receive while you don't forgive others that you have misunderstood or worse intentionally misunderstand such is the power of the harlot bride. Can your condemnation do anything but condemn yourself without knowing and walking with SPIRIT.

A woman that believes these snakes does not realize the same testosterone that makes a man forgive her 70X7 because of how it makes her appear to him and also without it is why she may collect all spites but it also makes him tell her what she wants to hear (Without SPIRIT) even if it is a lie.


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